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How To Join A PMC Without Military Experience!

How To Join A PMC Without Military Experience!

Considering the nature of PMC (Private Military Company), it’s evident that people with military backgrounds have distinct advantages when it comes to employment prospect. Because of the hazardous working conditions and the demands for skilled personnel, ex-military specialist and discharged soldiers are highly sought-after by most PMCs. That being said, PMCs could also hire additional […]

How To Heat A Chicken Coop Without Electricity In Winters

Although chickens are indeed resilient birds and certain breeds should endure cold rather well, temperature drops might produce some problems. Generally speaking, chilly weathers would interfere with the egg production and a couple members of the flock could fall sick. Many people rely on heating appliances such as heater and heat lamps to keep their […]

Taking the 7.62x54r and 30-06 on Your List

When you take time to looking for a cartridge, you absolutely see hundreds of products in the shop as well as on the online shopping website. Then, you pick 7.62x54r and 30-06 but you have no idea which one is better. Fortunately, you enter to the right place as my article as well as my […]

4 Magnum vs 30-30 – Consider Good Cartridges?

Are you looking for a good cartridge for your gun before participating in a deer hunting season? Or are you considering the 44 Magnum and 30-30? You do not have any idea about these and you think that it is a daunting task to overcome! Hold on…you should not rush to make your final decision […]

How to start a militia in six simple steps

Whether you want to develop your basic skills or have fun with like-minded people, starting a militia could be an interesting idea. It’s an excellent way to enhance yourself mentally and physically but there are many things you have to pay attention to. From recruitment to training, it’s not easy to get a militia up […]

How to clean a Ruger 10 22

You are interested in playing with Ruger rifles. You use your Ruger frequently but you may not really know the proper way to clean and make it shiny perfectly. You sometimes suppose that it is not truly necessary for you to clean it but your rifle still can stay with the best quality. To avoid […]

How many times you can reuse brass safely and effectively?

For most of the time, collecting and reusing the brass case of spent cartridges appear to be completely unnecessary. The average shooters can always obtain extra ammunition from stores if needed. You are able to use those ready – to – fire rounds once you take them out of the box. So why the idea […]

Ontario RAT 1 vs. Spyderco Tenacious Comparison And Review

Ontario RAT 1 and Spyderco tenacious are the mid-sized with the reasonable price which fits mostly our budge. They have a variety of options for blade edge and the place to put the belt clip and they also fit in your pocket easily as well as your hand. Especially, you do not need to care […]

Spyderco Endura vs Delica – The folding knife reviews

I know for sure that you all have heard about Spyderco – a big brother for the knife enthusiast community. There are tons of models which were born by such brand. This time, it is a deep insight into two fascinating kids of the Spyderco, namely, Spyderco Endura vs Delica. A little introduction It is the […]