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How far does a shotgun shoot?

Are you a professional hunter? Are you an amateur fighter? I am sure that at least once you hear or see a shotgun. You can own a hunting rifle but have you ever wondered the distance a gun can shoot.Surely then in this article, we will show how far does a shotgun shoot so that your gun can achieve the highest efficiency.

how far does shotgun shoot

1. History of ShotGun

Shotguns were used for the first time in the early 1600s.In 1873, the first two-barrel shotgun appeared, and then they continued to invent the first modern, hammerless, pump-action shotgun in 1904. Centuries later, they became immensely popular. Shotguns were also used lots in the World War I with the nickname “trench guns.” Since then, they have become a part of the military arsenal, and they were also used by many civilians as well. Understand the development history of shotgun can reveal a lot for the question: How far does a shotgun shoot!


2. Structure of Shotgun

Shotgun (also known as a scattergun and pepper gun) is a firearm that usually has a similar external appearance to rifles. It is fired from the shoulder, which uses the energy of a fixed shell to fire some small spherical pellets called shot, or a solid projectile named a slug. Shotguns come in a wide variety of bore sizes from 5.5 mm (.22 inch) to 5 cm (2.0 in).


A shotgun contains a lot of parts:

A stock that lets you steady it against your shoulder muscles. The stock contains a recoil pad. It is sometimes put at the end of the stock to prevent the kick when you fire it.

The trigger that connects to the sear and hammer. They have functioned as the parts associated with firing.

The hammer starts the bolt assembly and firing pin to work, which prevents the sudden explosion. The chamber performs the loading, unloading, and fire happening. It might place from the side ỏ the top.

Next to chamber, the barrel accesses from the side or the top. It connects to the chamber with the long tube that the ammunition travels through as it leaves the gun. Below the barrel and also connect to the chamber, it is a magazine. It is often shorter than the barrel or else a drum or rectangular cartridge that snaps into the barrel.

The last one is fore-end, which is used to partially automate the loading and unloading process. Understand the structure of shotgun, we can estimate easier the distance that a shot gun can shoot!

3.Types of shotgun


Styles and purpose of shotgun depend on the gun’s action describing the operational mechanisms used to load and fire.

A large number of shotguns are either single-barrel, double-barrel side-by-side or double-barrel over-under.

4. Measuring in Shotgun



Have you ever heard about 12-gauge or 20-gauge shotgun? Someone can think the number 12 and 20 may be the length of a shotgun, right? But that’s not in this case.

“12-gauge” is the number of lead balls the shotgun contains. Each ball weighs 1 gram and its diameter match to the gun barrel. It is easy for you to buy lead by the pound to make your ammo..

The wider the barrel, the smaller the gauge number. A 4-gauge is the largest shotgun. The smallest ones are the .410 shotgun which has a .41-inch barrel diameter.

5. How far does shotgun shoot 12gauge slugs?

how far does shotgun shoot 12 gauge slugs

Until the present time, there is no accurate study conducted by scientists. All the figures are derived from the experience of professional hunters

Some of them said that he shot 2-3/4″ Winchester Rackmaster and 3″ Winchester shotgun slugs. Both gave him shot groups inside 3″ at 100 yards and three shot groups inside 6″ at 150 yards. He used a 2x scope. Given the 6″ pattern at 150 yards, He could make that shot comfortably assuming the target was correctly ranged. He had his slug gun zeroed at 100 yards. It hit 2″ high at 50 yards, dead on at 100 yards, and 10″ low at 150 yards. Beyond 150 yards, the slug was going to drop fast (approx. A drop of 31″ at 200 yards. Given that drop, unless using a laser range finder, you could not guarantee a clean kill beyond 150 yards. Also, the energy of the slug dropped quickly beyond 100 yards. At 150 yards, the slug only had 1/3 of its original muzzle energy. Now, all of that was with a rifled barrel. With a smooth bored barrel, It was a good way to look at at max range of 75 to MAYBE 100 yards tops.

6. How far does shotgun shoot a 20 gauge

How far does shotgun shoot a 20 gauge
How far does shotgun shoot a 20 gauge

A 20-gauge shotgun uses 20 lead balls. Each of them has equal one pound. It is less damage than a 12-gauge shotgun. So sometimes a 20-gauche shotgun is considered to hunt in a game or birds hunting such as quail, grouse, turkey. With slugs, it also may be used for deer.

The 20-gauge is also used for the majority of purposes like security, law enforcement, and personal defense, generally loaded with buckshot, though the 12-gauge is usually more common for these purposes.

Because some explosives in the bullets of a 20-gauge shotgun are only half of the 12-gauge shotgun, the traveled distance of 20-gauche is twice as less as one of the 12-gauche shotgun.

7. Reason in the difference distance


Because it depends on the barrel, the load chosen and the shooter.

The barrels are each a law unto them, how a given barrel performs has more to do with magic than with science

Some slugs work better than others out of a given barrel. Certainly, sabot slugs do better in rifled barrels, while rifled slugs do better in smoothbores.

A great choice depends on the shooter. It is quite difficult to shoot groups with shotgun slugs- about like shooting groups with a .375 H&H.This depends on the load and the weight of the gun. Besides, there’s no escaping physics. Shotguns kick more with heavier loads.

8. Conclusion

It is not matters much for you to stand far away I or anyone else here who can hit with our shotguns and slugs. The question is, how far can a shotgun shoot YOU shoot with different slugs? The only way for you to know is willing to go shooting. And don’t forget- you’re only as good as your worst day.


How to Remove Heavy Rust From A Gun barrel without damaging bluing

You always use your gun for hunting, practicing, taking part in a completion…and the others; however, you do not know to preserve your gun away some wrongs, or you could not a suitable way to protect to a gun. For example, it is heavy rust from a gun which can have a serious influence to the finish of our gun.

You should not be worried about this wrong because this article will show some effective way to remove the rust from a gun. Beside it also introduce to everyone some kinds to keep your gun lightly forever. This method is absolutely simple and easy to make with some tools which is not hard to search at hard store or local grocery store. It is so easy to do by follow steps in each different part.

Reasons cause rust from a gun

To solve any master the first step you need to search reasons why cause those wrong. Also, you will have a solution everything quickly and effectively. And this is some useful notice for you to understand about concept and main reason cause the rust in general. But you also put it into your gun easily.

Reasons that cause gun rust
Reasons that cause gun rust

Rust is form of iron oxide, red oxide consist of the redox reaction of iron and oxygen and, water or air moisture an element to support progress of reaction. So your gun will not be damaged by rust when you prevent reaction progress above. Surely above reaction progress is not happen, your gun will keep its perfect.

In fact, seldom do keep your gun always clean due to many outside of element concern about environment, weather, temperature,…and some others aspect which are reason‘s objectivity. Beside there are a plenty of subjective reasons such as you do not wipe them before and after use them and, you put them in anywhere you like.

2 basic methods to remove heavy rust from a gun

Removing the rust have many ways to choose and make follow that method; nevertheless, it main reason why make you undecided, not distinguish which one of them is advised or not. 2 basic methods below are the most useful for eliminating the rust namely lubrication for removing the rust and steel word for cleaning the rust.

Lubrication to remove the rust

To make follow this method you can prepare some tools below: 3-in-one oil or light oil, soft brush, paper towels or soft cotton, copper penny and let‘s make follow step to step below.

  • Covering a little oil on the surface of the gun which get the existed rust at here and then use a copper penny to rub again on that surface.
  • Next clean up all the part of gun by soft paper towels or soft cotton.
  • For the cleft of the gun that is hard to rub, so you should use brush to rub it. Go on cleaning up again by paper towels or soft cotton.
  • Repeating above process until your gun have a light again.


Notes: you can find other oil such as WD 40 which is also a kind of oil fitly for removing the rust; however, you should not use many different oils because some kind of oil is not suitable for your gun. if you use a number of different oil, it could cause negatively influence for your gun.

Steel Wool To Clean The Rust


Similarly this method need to prepare some tools such as: brass or copper wool, steel wool, cotton ball, cotton T-shirt or same soft cotton cloth. This method is extremely simple to do, also it is not spend a lot of times following each of step.

  • Finding some spots or areas which are heavy rust on the surface of the gun, and using brass or copper wool to rub the rust away. You can use steel wool instead of brass or copper wool; nonetheless, you should be careful when you make with steel wool.
  • Then you need to wipe clearly by cotton balls or soft cotton. You keep on 2 steps until you complete removing the rust from a gun.


Note: Both of wire brush and sandpaper is encourage in eliminating the rust from a gun since they can damage system’s frame of your gun, and it can be scratched due to strongly effect. Thus only do choose tools good at gun which is not so hard that it can make strongly effect to the finish of the gun.

Tip To Preserve Your Gun

Some methods to remove the rust from a gun are necessary, but tip to preserve your gun is very important. If you protect your gun in good condition, surely your gun will not encounter on the rust or any wrong. “Prevention is better than cure” this is idiom suitable for situation.


  • You have to wipe your gun usually and make sure that you do not forget it in anywhere. Before you clear up a gun checking, taking off, set up part of the gun carefully.
  • Protecting your gun in suitable temperature which is not so as hot and cold that it possible make a change gun’s structure.
  • Checking your gun before and after use them.
  • Hanging on the high wall to avoid laying the wet place

This is all of the information which will be useful to care or preserve a gun. Specially, the way to remove heavy rust from a gun, so if you do not repair soon everything can become worse. By this way, you will keep your gun always lightly and it is not influenced by outside element.


The aim of this article is to help everyone who are interested in using the gun individually, and the all of the reader generally. If you feel that this article make you satisfied, you can click like and share them please. In contrast, this article is not make you pleasant, can you give some comments below which is basic to the next article improved and changed. Hope that you can remove heavy rust from a gun in easy with my tips!

How does rimfire work ?

When you research to buy a rifle or pistol, have you ever come across listening to the word “rimfire”? Yes, rimfire used to define the type of ammunition a particular firearm uses. With the experienced hunters or military, they may toss these terms around loosely and with confidence. However, for starters, they have no ideas to control them.

In this article, we will show how does rimfire work that you can use them as masters.

How does 22 rimfire work
How does 22 rimfire work

1. Rimfire Structure

Rimfire structure
Rimfire structure

As mentioned previously, rimfires are one type of cartridge. They also include three separate parts: detonators, propellants, and warheads. Now to understand how does rimfire work, we will dig deep to to structure of a rimfire.


Unlike the more common center-fire, where there is a separate primer kept in the base of the cartridge case and the rim is solid. Detonators of rimfire were placed in the base’s rim. Then the firing pin of a gun strikes and crushes them to ignite the gunpowder and fires the bullet.So, the rim of the rimfire cartridge often extends and widen.

rimfire composition
rimfire composition


The next section of the cartridge is considered the ‘main engine,’ propellants, contains brass casing and powder. Brass casing requires a thin case and its diameter up to .44 (11 mm) was once common while propellants used black powder. However, to generate much higher pressures, modern rimfire cartridges spend smokeless powder. Rimfire calibers become smaller to 22 calibers (5.5 mm)

When the powder burned, it creates repulsion to push the warheads out of the gun to the target.


The first part of rimfires is a block of metal. Which can help bullets through meat or other materials?This is a very important part that affect how does rimfire work.

2. Types of Rimfire Ammunition?

So, how many type of rimfire ammunition? The most common kind is the .22LR (long rifle):

  • .22 Long Rifle (LR): Most common used in the world and used for many shooters.
  • .22 WMR: Winchester Magnum Rimfire. Used for hunting and is between the .22LR and the .223 centerfire round.
  • .22 Short: Not too popular. Mounted in some revolvers
  • .17 HMR: Hornady Magnum Rimfire. Newer round that is  more powerful and flatter shooting than the .22LR
  • .17 HM2: Hornady Mach 2: smaller than the .22LR but higher power. The Smaller brother of the HMR.

3. What happened while rimfires were burned?

Bullets are designed relatively safely until they were shot out of the barrel. When the trigger was pulled , the firing pin of a gun strikes and crushes the base’s rim, activate the detonator. Then ignite explosive detonator in the ‘main motor.’ In this process, we will undertstand very clearly about how does rimfire work.

When explosive chemicals were burned, they generate a huge amount of gas. The pressure of this gas will push warheads flying at the speed of lightning, about 300m / s.


The chemical explosion of a rimfire is designed to not explode immediately. This could be dangerous to the lives of people shot. Instead, they are designed relatively slow blast, so it should move very smoothly bullets from the gun.

Then fire explosives faster, creating a multi-thrust. When the bullets are out of the gun, the gun will jerk back under the basic physical laws (law of motion of Newton).

When bullets fly out of the gun, the pressure from the explosion is released suddenly. That makes the gun play “bang bang.” It’s similar to when you open a bottle of wine at a fast speed and high pressure.

4. How does rimfire move?

We usually think the bullets fly perfectly in straight lines, but not quite unrealistic. Bullets were taken some different force when it flew through the air. At close distance, the bullet almost moves in a straight line. At greater distances, they move in a slightly curved downward path due to gravity.


Air resistance, power spinning, gyroscopic force of the bullet is also very complex. When all these factors were put together, they will make the bullet flying in a complicated orbit in the air.

5. How does rimfire destroy?

Due to the fast-moving, so energy bullets also have great dynamics, generated by explosive combustion of bullets.

how does rimfire destroy
how does rimfire destroy

Bullets have enormous destructive power when they transfer their energy to the target. The quicker momentum these objects lose, the greater force it generates. A rifle bullet flew to the target in 1/10 seconds can generate a force equivalent to a heavy-duty truck rested for 10 seconds. Imagine being struck by a truck; you will understand why the bullets have such explosive force.

6. How far the bullets fly?

Speeds of rimfire always fluctuate and depend on upon several factors such as Gravity, projectile’s size and air resistance. So a rimfire works quite complicated right?

Gravity makes a projectile down toward the earth while in flight. The projectile’s size and the air energy affect the speed by which it travels. Air drag slows the speed of a bullet and reduces the distance by which it flys.

The velocity of a bullet is calculated by feet per second (fps) in the United States. The 0.22 rimfire cartridge has a very small powder charge, so the rimfire’s velocity is between 370 m/s and 460 m/s.


7. Economics

Rimfire cartridges are not typically expensive,  due to the inherent cost-efficiency of the ability to the in large lots. The price of ingredients used in the cartridges (lead, copper, and zinc) increased in 2002; the prices of the ammunition then further increased in 2012. The price is between 2$ to 30$. It depends on the type of ammunition and number of tablets per box.

You can find it at online shops or stores for hunters.

8. What kind of shoot is rimfire used of?

Rimfire is used for both gunshot and rifle due to different purposes. Some popular guns on the market today can be called such as Browning® Buck Mark Semiautomatic Rimfire Pistols; Ruger® Double-Action .22 Revolvers;  Smith & Wesson® M&P .22 Compact Rimfire Pistol; etc. The price of which is not similar and depends on the shape, material, and power.



Rimfire is a useful tool for hunters and soldiers. In another word, it will be very helpful when being used for the right purpose. However, it is not for playing so that you should consider before using them. Hope that you have understand how does rimfire work!