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Mossberg trophy hunter review: .308 and .270 secret

Defense companies and military power are growing these guns use high technology can shoot underwater or fingerprint identification need to use, however, cheap guns for basic hunting always take an important role in our hunting hobby.

Mossberg trophy hunter is a form of bolt action rifle, to understand more about them before buying these guns to go for deer hunting, please read our reviews bellow:

1. Mossberg trophy hunter 308 Review

Features contain the Lightning Bolt Action changeable trigger (about 2-7 pounds) and throw out box magazines. The bolts are spiral-fluted with knurl pattern and new bolt angle, which ensure cycling smoothly, comfortably and reliably. Weaver style is no change.

Mossberg trophy hunter 308 Review
Mossberg trophy hunter 308 Review


Action: Bolt

Caliber: .308 Win.

Type: Centerfire

Style: Hunting

Stock: Synthetic

Barrel length (in.): 22

Product Length (in.): 43

The rate of a twist: 1 in 10 in. RH

Assembly Required Flag: No

Magazine capacity: 5

Product weight: 8 lb.

Manufacturer Warranty – Labor: 2 years

Manufacturer Warranty – General: 2 years

Manufacturer warranty – parts: 2 years

Almost guns of bolt action rifle have a scope when selling. With a hash explore design, resettable MOA turrets and fully multi-coated lenses, Mossberg® Patriot Vortex .270 Win contained Crossfire® II 3 – 9 x 40 riflescope features a Dead-Hold® BDC reticle.

Mossberg® Patriot .308 Win equipped with a 3-9×40 scope, the centerfire rifle composes an adjustable LBA trigger, a gun lock, and a 3-position safety.

Customer feedback

Customers assess this gun gained 4.4 marks. Most Reviews indicates Mossberg® Patriot .308 Win to be helpful favorable.

They are sure that they would recommend this product for others. Here is some discussion of people who bought it

“I bought this gun in the summer. It was easy to use.”.

“I bought this rifle two days ago and loved it already. It is lighter than my .270. Great little brush gun.”

“Just bought this gun. Went to the range to sight to zero. Not an expert, but the gun was surprisingly stable, light compared to others I looked at, and accurate. Was able to zero using about 10 shells. Would recommend buying it to others.”

“I bought this rifle 2 days ago and love it already. It is lighter than my .270. Great little brush gun”

“ in regatds to the sucky no name 3-9×40 scope** I bought this gun in the 2015 hunting season.. Excellent gun accuracy right out of the box, but after about the 10 or so round after zeroing rifle.. I noticed the rifle scooe would hold a zeroafter that.. I’ve had the rifle re bore sighted and resighted in with 3 shot groups at 100yds, could not get the rifle to zero at all.. So I changed to different grains and models from Remington corelokt to Hornadys SST, and precision soft points and cannot hold a sight in zero at 100 yds, I now have many rounds of 150 grain, 180 grain and the 178 grain still yet have I been able to hold a zero… Then find out a few weeks later after purchasing the Mossberg – that they now sell the patriot with the Vortex cross fire… Very good gin just a bad no name entry scope.. It’s now the 2016 hunting season and I still cannot hold zero.. I can have a group 6 inches, 3 inches im shooting 4 in groups at 100 but when i first bought and sighted in I had clovers moa to 1.5 in at 100 yards.. Now, i couldnt even hit the bulls eye if i was paid too..or not hit the target at all never in the bullseye”- user with nick “big Bennett” said

2. Mossberg trophy hunter .270 Review

The Mossberg® Patriot Vortex .270 Win made in the USA is also kind of Bolt-Action Rifle with scope shapes a walnut stock. Besides, it contains a fluted barrel and bolt which has a matte blued finish and ceased crowns and of course, a Lightning Bolt Action (LBA) trigger.

Mossberg trophy hunter .270 review
Mossberg trophy hunter .270 review


Action: Bolt

Caliber: .270 Win.

Type: Centerfire

Style: Hunting

Stock: Walnut

Barrel length (in.): 22

Product Length (in.): 42.75

The rate of the twist: 1 in 10 in.

Magazine Capacity: 5+1

Product weight: 8 lb. Handedness: Right

Metal Finish: Matte Blued

Manufacturer warranty – general: 1 year

Features and Benefits

Bolt action has a 5+1-round capacity.

Include Fluted barrel and spiral fluted bolt having a matte blued finish and ceased crowns LBA trigger.

Also, consists a trigger lock and a detachable box magazine.

Almost guns of bolt action rifle have a scope when selling. With a hash explore design, resettable MOA turrets and fully multi-coated lenses, Mossberg® Patriot Vortex .270 Win contained Crossfire® II 3 – 9 x 40 riflescope features a Dead-Hold® BDC reticle.

Mossberg® Patriot .308 Win equipped with a 3-9×40 scope, the centerfire rifle composes an adjustable LBA trigger, a gun lock, and a 3-position safety.

Customer feedback

Customers assess this gun gained totally 5.0 mark. Users said that this gun has excellent value! And they would recommend this product.

There are some discussions of people who bought it

“I can sight this in with only 10 shots, very easy and high quality scope. Super great deal”

“I bought this rifle last year for deer season. I went to the range straight out of the box and zeroed in less then 20 shots with original scope. The reticle lens inside the scope started to get loose but it still worked alright. Basically, great rifle, very accurate, but plan to buy a better scope for sure”- gpmallard said

The account named “littlecleo64” said:” I bought this rifle in .270 Win last November when they went on sale. I own Mossberg shotguns, but this was my first Mossberg rifle. Going in to the purchase I was aware the Patriot was Mossberg’s answer to the Savage Axis, Ruger American, and Remington 783 rifles. I was able to handle, cycle the action, etc., of the 3 previous rifles, and found at least 1 thing I didn’t like with each. When I looked the Patriot over I initially liked the profile of the rifle, which reminded me of classic bolt action rifle styling. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about the rifle! The Patriot feels good in my hands, shoulders fast, and the bolt cycles smoothly. Now, I will admit I changed the scope out for a better quality one, but the scope included with the rifle will do what it’s supposed to, just not the clearest glass. At the range I was even more suprised. The rifle shoots Quarter sized groups at 100 yards from the bench, and I’m not that good. All in all, this is a heck of a deal on a great rifle! I’m going purchase another in .30-06.”

3. How does Mossberg trophy hunter work



The cartridge is simply depressed ahead of the bolt while it slides into the chamber. This means “uncontrolled feed.” The another way is that the rim of the cartridge slips up and into the grasp of the extractor as being shed out of the magazine; this is called that the extractor claw is “holding” the case as the bolt is closed. Then, some extractors are spring piled, so they slide over the rim as “into battery” (the closed position) or the bolt slides home.

Some people often believe this “controlled feed” to be wonderful, but some researches show that it doesn’t support that idea. It has no practical difference. One disadvantage is that many of these rifles are designed for manageable feed lack spring-loaded extractors; they can’t displace out to slide over a case.


Thus, it won’t work while you try to single-load a round into the chamber. Instead, The round will be moved out of the magazine. When the extractor drags the case from the chamber, the ejector will push it out of the gun.

The ejector traditionally shapes as a simple flange of metal correct to the interior of the receiver; it matches with the slot cut into the bolts. Since you hitch the bolt back, the case assumed in the extractor, as facing passes the ejector, the bolt “emerges” from its face, pulling against the side of it, not by the extractor.

Then the case is being pulled back and pushed forwards by others, which hits it towards the extractor edge of the bolt, and then “flips” it out the effuse ejection port next to the ejector.

Today, a more sophisticated design consumes a spring-loaded plunger put into the bolt face. This is tripped at the particular point in the bolt’s travel, dabbing the primary of the cartridge and doing the same as normal ejector does. This gives better accuracy supposedly.

4. Mossberg trophy hunter buying guide

You can easy to find it in almost store in surrounding areas. Therefore, I will show some websites selling them such as Gun America; Academy;, etc. These sites focus on weapons. Trust me; you can not search on Amazon or Alibaba due to the ban.


The price change following retailers and the qualities of items in each box. It changes from $250 to $400.


Firstly, you cannot purchase on the weekend or holidays because it will not be notified until Monday or the following business day.

Secondly only use credit cards through the checkout portal; not over the phone

Thirdly, the seller accepts Certified/Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders; except for personal checks.

Finally, paying within ten days of auction closes.


Only Shipping to place near the US

Most items will ship UPS while smaller accessories will ship USPS

You must pay the same day when most items will be shipped, and FFL (if applicable) are received.


Please make sure your name and number are referenced when receiving faxed or emailed from FFLs

You must be responsible for the laws of your locality.  All things returned because of legalities will be paid a 20% restocking fee.

Important Product and Safety Information

The manufactures recommend using protective eyewear while using or near the use of this item.

5. Conclusion

Above is a short talk about Mossberg trophy hunter 308 review  and Mossberg trophy hunter 270 review, hope that you can understand their features as well as power!

How does tannerite work? Will it work with shotgun?

Nowadays, it is quite easy to find a gun with rimfire bullet because of production techniques increasingly advanced, but have you ever wondered why a bullet could be fired so far?  The secret is in the tannerite, don’t worry, in this article, I will show how does tannerite works and how it affect the bullet.

1.Ingredient of tannerite

Tannerite is the name of brand invention exploding target used for practicing firearms, the form of tannerite is a kit, and it contains the ingredients of a binary explosive. The explosive includes a combination of ammonium perchlorate and ammonium nitrate (oxidizers) and primarily aluminum powder – that is a device into two separate powders that are mixed by the user.

Although the combination is too stable to exploding with light pressure, tannerite will break out since subjected to forces such a high-velocity bullet impact as the impact from a low-velocity bullet or shotgun blast or a hammer blow dropped.

Differing from general opinions, tannerite is not flammable that a burning fuse or electricity cannot creat an explosion. Tannerite is in two forms of different powders, so it is quite easy to sell or transport to many places without the legal restrictions .

How does tannerite work
How does tannerite work – Ingredient


2. How to make tannerite at home



The mixture itself is easy. For instance, 100g AN mixed with 5g AL

  1. 95% Ammonium Nitrate will be the form of crystal  and have to be a fine powder
  2. Blender is used to ground to the consistency of salt granules.
  3. Blending in ventilated area with no fire.
  4. Burning Point 840 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Preserve in a sealed container after grounded.
  6. After storing – If clumping occurs to break the clumps apart and ground.


  1. 5% Aluminum Powder 300-600 of mesh.
  2. Use different blender to avoid contaminating
  3. Mix in fine powder.
  4. Blend into the well ventilated area without opening flames.
  5. Store in a container that is sealed after grounded.
  6. After storage – If clumping happened to break the clumps apart and ground.

The mix AN/AL

Pour AN and AL into the container then shaking until they are mixed with the rate 95 and 5 respectively. Do not forget once you mix them together; you have to use them at the site. You cannot transport or store the stuff which is mixed. If not, you will violate the federal law.

3. Distinguishing tannerite VS dynamite.



A large number of people interchangeably use these two terms, and the common mistakes are that TNT is the name of chemical and dynamite is the colloquial term.That’s just plain wrong.

Dynamite is the invention of the Swedish chemist, Alfred Nobel, while Nobel searched for a way to help nitroglycerin more stable and less pronely to.  Nobel took explosives in an entirely new direction by mixing nitroglycerine with diatomaceous earth and sodium carbonate. His invention is  quite stable and no explosion from jiggling

Tannerite is not dynamite, but its explosive is high. Also, tannerite is more stable than dynamite, and it is often melted down and poured into shell casings. The user should notice that tanerite is extremely toxic.

Due to tannerite’s stability, it often has to combine with other things such as ammonium nitrate to get amatol- a military explosive. If you want to get ammonal, a common industrial explosive, you can add some powdered aluminum in two mixtures above.

4. Tannerite manufacture and sale


Tannerite is sold in small size with the purpose for practicing under avalanche control and police use. Pre-sized quantities are stored with non-sparking polyethylene mixing bottles.

Tannerite consists of two elements: a material mixed with a sensitizer or catalyst, and some oxidizer. The compound of fuel and catalyst contains 90% 600-mesh dark flake aluminum powder, mixed with the catalyst being a mixture of 5% 200-mesh zirconium hydride and  5% 325-mesh titanium sponge. The oxidizer is mixing of 15% ammonium perchlorate and 85% 200-mesh ammonium nitrate.

The name of simpler mixtures of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder often is ammonal known to be used as do-it-yourself replacing for Tannerite.

5. Cheapest place to buy tennerite

There’re a few places on the internet that sell exploding target mix in bulk such as Rural King, Ebay, Amazon, etc. Also, you can buy some elements like Ammonium Nitrate that is readily available at your local pharmacy in a household product or Home Depot. But keeping secret if you don’t want the ATF Knocking on Your Door

6. United States law


In the United States, ATF regulations stipulate that Persons manufacturing explosives for their own personal, non-business use only like personal target practice are not required to have a Federal explosives license or permit.

It means that a prohibited person who is barred by federal law from buying or owning a firearm certainly cannot legally possess mixed explosives. The law of explosive for target practice must be used once mixed: any storage, transport or commercial use falls under federal explosives laws

Once mixed, the tannerite mixture is law violations if carrying in mixed form without controlling strict regulations such as packaging, insurance, signage on storage magazines, the transport vehicle, etc.

On October 1, 2012, A Maryland law was banned that the sale or ownership of Tannerite became active.It widens the definition of an explosive with the addition  that two or more components that are advertised and sold together with instructions on how to combine the components to create an explosive” and beside, bombs and destructive devices designed to operate by chemical, mechanical, or explosive action.

With the outbreak of using tannerite, USFS is making an order the closure to prohibit using explosives unpermitted in all over areas in the Rocky Mountain Region USFS on August 5, 2013. If not, it will be harmful to national forests and grasslands of Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

According to the USFS, there are at least 16 wildfires in the Western states getting involved with exploding targets. It costs at least  $33 million for the fire extinguished.  The Bureau of Land Management has forced the use of all exploding targets on BLM land in Utah.

In conclusion, please use explosives on the right things without doing anyone injured by the dangerous explosives, hope that you can understand how does tannerite work now!

How a bolt action rifle work – Easy to understand

Did you ever see the movie with the screen action heated gun battle? Have you ever wondered what it is and how they work? Don’t worry; all will be answered in this article about the work of a bolt action rifle and the other versions of them. Let’s find out how a bolt action rifle work!

How a bolt action rifle work?

1. Working Diagram

Bolt action is a kind of firearm action. Hunters can manually operate the weapon’s bolt by opening and close the breech (barrel) with a small handle. Right-handed users can easily carry for what it commonly placed on the right-hand side of the weapon.  When they operate the handle, the bolt is certainly unlocked, the breech is opened,  the spent cartridge case is taken away and evicted, then the firing pin is cocked.Finally, a new a new round/cartridge (if available) is moved into the breech, and the bolt closed. Bolt-action Firearms are often used for rifles but sometime for shotguns and a few handguns as well.

2. Loading effectively

 Most bolt-action firearms are provided by an internal magazine which was loaded by hand, by stripper clips, though some designs have had a separable magazine or independent one, even no magazine at all. So, it requires that each round is not dependently loaded. The magazine limitation is between two and ten rounds, thus can allow the magazine to be like with the bottom of the rifle, decrease the weight, or force mud and dirt from entering. Some bolt-actions often have a tube magazine, familiar with the length of the barrel. The design has a single-shot breech loader and now familiar arm closing out from the edge of the bolt which purposes turn and opens the chamber. The entire reloading process was a more complex than later designs, however, as the firing pin had to be freely primed and activated to move the bolt.

3. Main bolt-action rifle versions

The most important parts of bolt-action system include the Mauser, the Lee–Enfield, and the Mosin–Nagant system. Instead of their difference, all are designed to fit into the receiver, how the bolt rotates, the number of locking lugs holding the bolt and, whether the action is cocked in the Mauser system or it close the bolt in the Lee–Enfield system.  The large majority of bolt-action rifles make one of these three systems utilize, with other limited designs person

a. Mauser

how does a 22 bolt action rifle work
how does a 22 bolt action rifle work

Mauser is a product of a German arms manufacturer which produce bolt-action rifles and semi-automatic pistols. The designs of the user were built for the German armed forces. Their designs were also exported and entitled to some countries as well as becoming popular civilian firearm.


The Mauser M 98 bolt system is one of the most common bolt action in the world, being used in all modern hunting rifles and also in military bolt-action rifles until the middle of the 20th century. One of the most advantages of the Mauser system is that contains two locking lugs just behind the bolt head. This makes it better to handle higher pressure cartridges.

A safety feature was the appearance of a third locking lug placed at the rear of the bolt that did not lock the bolt in the normal version. One special point of the Mauser system is the feature  “cock on opening,” which means the upward rotation of the bolt as opening the rifle.  A disadvantage of the Mauser M 98 system is that it is difficult to produce mass due to its expense.

b, Lee–Enfield

how does a bolt action air rifle work
how does a bolt action air rifle work

The first Lee–Enfield was recommended in 1889 with the Lee–Metford and later Lee–Enfield rifles. It is  a “cock on closing” action forwarding  thrust of the bolt cocks the action

When the Lee–Enfield’s locking lugs have placed at the rear of the bolt and repeated firing for a long time, it can be “stretch” and excessive headspace. Therefore, the Lee–Enfield bolt system often has  a removable bolthead, Which helps the rifle’s headspace to be changed because the bolthead  removes and replacing with a required distance.

In the World War II, the Lee–Enfield was used for commercial sporting and hunting purposes. There are a large number of companies manufacturing such as BSA, LSA, and Parker–Hale in the UK, SAF Lithgow in Australia as well.

See also:

c, Mosin–Nagant

how a bolt action sniper rifle works
how a bolt action sniper rifle works

The Mosin–Nagant action, invented in 1891, the Mosin–Nagant design has a separate bolthead which changes the bolt and the bearing lugs while the Mauser system contains a non-removable part of the bolt. The Mosin–Nagant bolt is valued quite complicated, but is extremely durable and rugged.

It also uses a “cock on open” system but rarely used in commercial sporting rifles and main used inside of Russia. Also, large numbers of military surplus Mosin–Nagant rifles have been used as hunting rifles in World War II.

d, Straight-pull

The Blaser R8 is a straight pull bolt action rifle
The Blaser R8 is a straight pull bolt action rifle

Another common choice bolt-action system is the Straight-pull. Some kinds of the Straight-pull can be called as, the Swiss Schmidt–Rubin, the Canadian Ross rifle, and Austro-Hungarian Mannlicher M1895 designs. These designs are entirely unrelated

The Mauser-style turn-bolt action has the bolt handle rotated counter-clockwise first, then drawn rearward and pushed forward, as well finally rotated clockwise back into lock. In a straight-pull action, the bolt lever can itself cycled so the goal of the rifle’s rate could enhance.

A new straight-pull action has more recently been introduced by the Blaser company that locking of the straight-pull is reached by a series of concentric ‘blades.’

4. Advantages

A bolt action rifle can achieve superior muzzle velocity and have more accuracy than semi-automatic. Because It is a relatively light weight for transport, reliability and great potential accuracy with lower cost, the bolt action is still the first choice for many hunters, marksmen, and target shooters.

how a bolt action rifle trigger works
how a bolt action rifle trigger works

Increasing potential accuracy for what the bolt action’s locking lugs are usually at the front of the breech, such as a lever action. Besides, only when firings is the pin and spring does a bolt action’s only move due to having fewer moving parts and a short lock time.

A bolt action may be less probable to expose a shooters position because the cartridge is not visibly thrown into the air and onto the ground.

The total strength of the design might be very powerful magnum cartridges but no significantly increasing weight or the size of the weapon.

5. Disadvantage

The bolt action offers four distinct movements, and so it is quite slower than others that lever and pump action require two movements.

how a bolt action airsoft rifle works
how a bolt action airsoft rifle works

Moreover, the trigger hand must abandon the gun and the weapon after the shot. Also, the trigger hand must leave the gun and regrip the weapon after each shot, so the shooter has to change his sight and acquire the target again for every shot. It is also not for ambidextrous people, and left-handed models are often more expensive.

6. Safety

When using bolt-action firearms, hunters should check the headspace with gauges before shooting. This check can help force chambers and cartridge brass to overstress.

Some of the model bolt-action rifles like the Lee–Enfield often use a series of different length bolts to increase the life of the rifle. Sometime, the bolt head is replaced to separate from the bolt and arranged in order of 0,1,2 or 3, etc. A bolt head can be replaced with no tools by dismounting the action to the bolt, opening and change the bolt head with the Proximo higher number, for retrieving a safe headspace.

Conclusion – Bolt action rifle mechanism

From the analysis above, I’m sure you’ve got the exact answer to your concerns. I hope that this article may be helpful for you and can also increase your knowledge of the bolt action rifle as a professional gunman. I hope that you have understood how a bolt action rifle work.