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Remington 597 Magnum Review – Discover Its Little Secret


The Remington 597 is an American semi – automatic rifle. It is manufactured by Remington Arms. The Remington has the 597in.22 LR and the 17HMR calibers. The model 597 is suitable for the .17 HMR cartridge. This version is a heavy barrel (with 0.825”OD), covered with laminated stock varmint rifle version of the new Remington autoloader (LS is Laminated Stock and HB is Heavy Barrel).

This gun is an accurate autoloader. Other models of the 597 has standard contour barrels and synthetic stocks. It depends on the option of the buyers. Although the Remington 597 is not an update model of rifle, most of the shooters highly estimate the quality and recommend to others to consider. In this article, you can study some points about the Remington 597 before choosing a rifle for your course.

The basic specifications of the 597 LS HB

  • Order number: 26514
  • Action type: auto – loading
  • Caliber: .17MR
  • Magazine capacity: eight cartridges
  • Barrel finish: satin blue
  • Barrel length: 20in
  • Magazine capacity: 10 (it also has larger one)
  • Overall length: 40”
  • Weight: from 5.5 pounds to 6 pounds
  • Stock material: brown with laminated wood
  • Length of pull: 14”
  • Sights: none


The review of Remington 597

The Remington 597 is a handy gun and quite thin although it has a heavy barrel with a man size stock (14” length of pull). It weight only six pounds with sans scope, you do not concern about carrying it in your shoulders. Moreover, the color of Remington 597 is brown laminate with wood stock, it looks like a fancy and luxurious guns for high – class people. Although people said that it is thicker around the pistol grip and forward of the receiver than it needs to be.


The shape of the 597 is very attractive and classic. It is also fluted with moderate drop, and the shooters can goal in the telescopic sights. The forend narrowed in three main dimensions. A black plastic butt plate and studs for detachable sling swivels are also equipped. The laminated wood stock is very strong that it could bear in the weather conditions. Furthermore, the gun’s fine is exact and accurate. Shooters will not worry about the quality of Remington 597.

The Remington 597 also has some special features in the auto – loaders. The receiver appears some aluminum alloy with a flat black finish. Unlikely other blow – black operated auto – loaders, the steel bolt does not slide in grooves in the receiver. The 597 runs on two steel rods with the bolt. On the one hand, the round tool – steels work harder than the receiver. It will reduce friction and diminish wear. After the last shot is fired, the bolt still opens.

How about the 597’s barrel? It is attached of a unique rigid and positive locking clamp. This process is a better system than pining the barrel with most of rimfire auto – loaders.

The magazine is another unique feature. It is one – piece magnesium alloy die casting into the black plastic bottom which is broken. The follower is molded of orange plastic. Heavy gauge magnesium magazine is rigid, light and accurate. On the other hand, the magazine is a removable with staggered box design which supposedly holds eight.17HMR rounds. However, the last three cartridges require extra force to load. You should limit the magazine load to five rounds for your shooting.

How does it work?

When loading, the press new cartridges deep enough into the magazine to slip the rim under the magazine guide. In other words, the magazine need to feed rails, avoid a cartridge tipping and jamming the magazine. Before loading, please keep in mind that the magazine should not load more than five rounds at one time. Because you loads too many rounds, it will be dangerous for your shooting.


Furthermore, the functions of the bolt, hammer and sear is finishing an ultra – smooth operation. The trigger move approximately five pounds on the digital trigger scale gauge. When shooting from a bench, it is grooved and wide. This process shooting will work harder in tight groups than it could be. From the filed positions, the trigger could decrease the practical efficiency of the gun. Unluckily, the trigger is not easy to be changed in using.

The streamlined, one – piece and polymer trigger guard cover a simple cross – bolt safety at the rear which blocks the trigger when loading. The magazine release in the stock of the lower right side and it locates above the front of the trigger guard. The magazine freely drop from sliding.

Open sights are not applied in the heavy barrel versions of the Remington 597, though they are standard on other models. The top of the receiver is addicted for tip – off scope mounts. It also drilled and tapped for a Weaver rail. Weaver rail is a shipper company of the LS HB model.

In the local rifle range, shooters agree that the Remington 597 LSHB is an accurate auto – loader. The 597 seems to be perfect; however, it has one bad point – the nose of a Speer TNT hollow point bullet jammed against the edge of the chamber instead of slipping inside.


Although nowadays we have many rifles for choosing in the market, the Remington 597 LS HB still performs quite well. Even though the 597 Remington attracts many shooters and users than other auto – loaders. It shoots very amazing and shooters can handle it no matter how far the field.

Moreover, please keep in mind that 17HMR ammunition is not available for use in semi – automatic firearms. Because when you use this ammunition in semi – automatic firearms, it could lead to hurt you and other people. Before using guns, you need to remember how it safe for others and for you, does it cause to personal injury, etc. Do not be subjective! Safety is the first. Obviously, you have to study how to use a rifle or a gun.

DPM Recoil Reduction System Review – What you should know

Manufactures produce two systems for the Glock – the first one is mechanical and the second one they also add a magnetic dampener to the system. In the mechanical system of DPM, it has a multi – spring setup on a stainless guide rod, and it does not have attachments to the outside of the pistol.

image 1

Moreover, with the glocks, there are three main sizes– 19, 23 and 32. DPM recoil reduction system for Glocks has an Electro – Mechanical System that uses a combination of Magnets and Springs. However, the DPM recoil reduction system is heavier and bulkier than other recoil reduction systems you might see in the shop or on the TV program. The DPM recoil reduction system also use the forward rail of the Glock that users can use it for a front grip on. And the Glock is one of the most popular auto pistol that you can see and hear in the world.

General overview of the DPM recoil reduction system

The packaging of the DPM recoil reduction system is very amazing. They contain a recoil spring guide with a smaller captive spring system. They look like the standard spring system for Gen 4 Glocks. There are two main springs in this package – gold and silver. With the gold spring, you can use it in the normal shoot. And with the sliver spring, you can improve on normal shooting such as P+ or +P+ because the silver spring has produced longer one by a couple of turns. Both of springs are not captive unlike the factory guide spring and rod.

How does it work?

In the recoil reduction system, the manufactures produce additional springs and spacers to help the shooters to fine tune the gun to the ammo and matching their personal standards. If you have different spring set-ups, it may need to be in place to make sure reliable operation with several ammunition types.

When you want to use DPM recoil reduction system, you need to compress the recoil spring guide a couple of times by your hands before installing it. To do this mission, you should make the stiffer more weak and smaller in spring. Then, you could rack the slide back comfortably.  Moreover, you can install it conveniently because they have the same approach that you use to reinstall the factory spring system.

Do you recognize the difference between the factory spring system and the DPM recoil spring system? The DPM spring is not captive, you have to put it inside the recoil guide and the slide. With the factory spring system, you do not implement like this. Furthermore, the Gold main spring is still easy to work and control although you are able to slide it naturally.


With the new innovative DPM Mechanical Recoil System produces three spring approach that is unsurpassed in its mating of components with fit, function and form. It will take seconds to install to their units. You do not need other special tools and it can replace the stock recoil rod and spring. It also does not change the envelope size of the weapon. This model is made for pistols without an accessory rail.image5

While the DPM system has already installed, you can try your Glock 22 in its hand gun model in semi – auto displayed impressive improvement in the shot recovery. On the one hand, you may be much surprised that you have to lose track of the Red Dot on your Burris Fast Fire 3 in the shots that the DPM system worked very good to lessen the muzzle flip to manageable levels. You are able to shoot your Glock 22 in semi – auto at around one shot per second when you still maintain an excellent accuracy.


When you changed Glock 22 to full auto mode, it looks like “Machine Pistol” mode, you will feel some great advancement. You kept sight of the Red Dot on your FF3 during about 4 round bursts. You could see the Red Dot wander slowly upwards of the target; however, it is visible the entire time and it is not difficult to track.

Some members share in the old forums that there is one problem you could have some difficult situations in the first time to use the DPM recoil reduction. They told that this system need a break in before it begins to work well. However, if you could have 100 rounds thru it in full auto mode, you could not get stuff in any difficult situation or other issues. With a flashlight and a Glock 22, you could be very confident about defending yourself.

You do not have concern about other troubles when using the DPM recoil reduction system. Because the manufactures estimate and evaluate those problems, and they have already fixed it before launching the product in the market.

Some shooters agree that the DPM system has high quality of performance both in full auto and semi. The system worked hassle – free in terms of installation and operation. DPM system appeals to users naturally. Overall, the DPM system perform much better than other recoil reduction system like the Lone Wolf Compensator.


The only thing you need to consider is how durable it is. You will not have the exact number of duration of the DPM recoil reduction system. On the other hand, it will depend on how long the customers use and serve it carefully. You use it daily or three times of a month, etc. How many rounds you may take. Moreover, how well you serve this system. Do you take them in the sunshine or in the wet area.



The DPM recoil reduction system is a meticulous for hand guns such as AK – 47, the Glock, etc. It works very well and other shooters highly recommend this product for using. Although the DPM recoil reduction system is heavier and bulkier than other recoil reduction systems, it is pretty good for shooters in their process. You can bring it back to you, to get your own experience and check their key points.  Why do not you take this one for your next journey?

What Might Cause A Shotgun To Explode

Nowadays, many people use shotguns for self – protecting, for hunting, etc. in the Western regions, especially in the USA. Guns are useful and helpful when the users know how to use, control and serve them clearly. Moreover, they need to take lessons from qualified instructors when having a new weapon. To protect their families, their friends, their neighbors and themselves; this is a must. On the one hand, they could discover why a firearm may blow and how to control it safely.

shotguns spread final art_2

Why a shotgun blow up?

In the 13th century, people can use guns in the Western areas. Guns was made from brass or wrought iron. And they could not stand up to shooting even if they have black powders. However, the powder was weaker in that period of time. It did not have much saltpeter.  Moreover, the cannons were used by prisoners to fire from the prisons. If they survived, they had already forgiven. Therefore, cannons are very dangerous.  When producers improved these guns by welding and locating techniques, it looked perfect with iron and later steel.

In the period time of smokeless powder, many people did not understand the difference between of black powder and smokeless powder. They loaded it in the same way and it destroyed guns in short order. Obviously, the problem did not appear when they could recognize that point.


The third issue was that primers had too much mercury. The mercury could attack the case and destroy the shotguns when it reloaded and fired. Black powder could be an unwelcome customer as it had lower pressure and the cases were washed of loadings on some occasions. It could diminish the priming mixture. For example, some older 38 and 357 Magnum had big pistol primers could cause. If you haul a max load of using small pistol primered cases, the powder could lead to a big problem in a lagre primered case.


The fourth problem is shooting a shotgun in the wrong cartridge. For example, when you shoot the 8 x 57 in the 30 – 06. The 8 x57 is enough good shotgun to use, but you do it 2 bad things. Firstly, they shoot an 8mm bullet down a 30 – caliber barrel is not a good idea because the case is not long and the head will not be supported. It could not be explode the shotgun, but it would destroy the stock and magazine as the gases have to go somewhere. If you shoot a 30 -30 in a 303 Savage, it would also be destructive. The 30 – 30 case is smaller at the critical head area, explode gas all over.

Secondly, when you use a 358 Winchester in a 270 or 30 – 06. It is very crucial you should use proper ammo. If you make 7.7 Japs out of 30 – 06 cases, you should not fire in a 30 – 06 or 270.

On the other hand, several obstructions could blow a barrel, although it could not usually happen. If you have a gun and a wad stuck in the barrel, it could cause a serious injury. Because the barrel is thin. The powder and the shot residue will come out other sides. It will take the shrapnel, if your arm is in the area.

How to control it safely?

Before being a hunter, you will need to understand the firearm safety. There are four primary rules you should remember – ensure the target and what is in front of it and beyond it, keep your  finger outside the trigger guard till you are ready to shoot, treat every firearm with the respect as a loaded gun and point the end of a gun barrel in a safe direction.


On the other hand, many accidents of shotgun could happen in the household. Therefore, you need to know how to control it at your home.

It is extremely important to lock your guns to make sure your children could not reach them. In addition, you need to store ammunition in a separate location. Check a firearm is unloaded before bringing it in other living areas or public areas. Moreover, when your friends want to see your guns, they have to make sure how to control it carefully.

Even though you are a hunter, you should realize four main causes of hunting accidents. First of all, you will forget check the foreground or background before shooting. Secondly, you have to pay close attention of proper procedures for crossing an obstacle, a fence or difficult terrain. Thirdly, you need to control and practice on shooting the firearm. You can check and practice it two or three times a month. Finally, you could check your ammunition and barrel regularly. Because you could shoot in the wrong targets you may not know.

If you want to be more careful, you could unload your shotgun when not shooting and check it casually. Furthermore, please keep in mind that you must not show your guns in front of your children. Because they will ask you how to use and touch it. Do not forget that your children are curious with new one in their eyes. Even though they (especially with boys) want to play a toy of gun, you should not buy it for them. This is not a positive habit in their mind. They could not understand the danger of playing and using guns. You can explain why you have to do this with them.


As responsible hunters, you could realize what a shotgun might explode and how to use it safely for your families, friends and neighbors.  It is not easy to take control firearms, even if they are small in size. Owning and using guns are not bad, but users need to know how to use it in a brilliant way for other people and themselves. To avoid incidents, it is essential to study using guns guide and understand the importance of protecting the public. Do not be subjective!

How To Cut Carbon Arrows With File, Drill or Saw

Tired of having your arrows cut to length at the archery shop? This article offers you different ways to cut carbon arrow shafts at home.

Besides the bow’s cam, draw weight, and draw length, arrow length also has a direct effect on the flight of the arrows. Thus, shortening the arrows can amplify the bow performance, in terms of both speed and accuracy. Having the arrows trimmed can be easily done at the archery shop, but the fact is, not all the time people are happy with the results. This article will now provide easy-to- do DIY methods of cutting the arrows.

Safety guidelines

Wearing personal protective equipment is always recommended. The most important ones are dust mask, glasses, gloves and safety goggles. Wear them during the whole process of cutting the arrows as it generates carbon fiber dust.

Using toothed blade equipment to cut the carbon arrows is strongly discouraged as they damage the fiber composite of the arrows. Thus, hacksaws and tubing cutters should not be used in this case. They weaken the arrows and make them easily splintered.

The excess of carbon fiber is an electrical conductor, which can cause short-circuiting on your electric equipment. So you are advised not to work near the electrical applicants

How to cut carbon arrows – tutorials

Cut carbon arrows with the file

This method is pretty straightforward. Simply use the flat file and start making little strokes. Keep rolling the shaft as you give it the stroke; this step demands a little bit of patience. Make sure that each stroke is done with just light pressure on it. Also, you should use only the corner or the cutting edge of the file and glide it on the carbon shaft.

When you get the arrow cut through, the left-over part is tapered while the remaining of the arrow is flushed. Because you use only the corner of the file to cut the arrow, the trash piece is angled, but the remaining has a nice flush surface. To perfect the cut area, hold the arrow like you are holding a pencil and draw it toward you or draw some circles on the file.


Cut carbon arrows with drill and pipe cutter

Honest to say, this method is easy-to-do but can be very risky, and it needs deftness to get things done properly. The most important thing to remember while threading the arrow through the cutter is that you must not over tighten it. The shaft should fit the hole and when you spin the cutter, make sure you do it gently; otherwise, it will break your arrow.

The more you spin the cutter, the more you tighten it down as you go, but with just a small amount of pressure. It may need some practicing until you “feel it”, because if you over tighten it, the cutter will snap the arrow, making the cracks on its surface. What we want to do is to have a good smooth round cut on the arrow, so just be really easy with it.

After spinning 6-7 times in your hand, the cutter may almost cut through the arrow. Of course, we don’t want it to cut through the shaft, as it may crack. Remove the cutter, and you will see a slit, and just break the left-over off the arrow. Next, take a file, rub it lightly against the arrow’s ending round and try to keep it even and straight. You can file the arrow on the edge a little bit to make sure there’s no splintering.

If you want to make it faster, get your arrow in the drill. Using the drill will make the spinning faster than by hand, yet it’s even riskier because you may damage the shaft if you put too much pressure on the cutter. When you are done cutting the arrow, use the sand paper to smoothen the ending round and surrounding edge of the arrow.

Cut carbon arrows with saws

You can either use arrow saw (highly recommended), tile saw, Dremel tool

Start with marking the line on where you want to cut through the shaft, consult the tips for marking the arrow in the “Tips” part. Next, adjust the saw fence so that the blade hits the mark on the arrow, make sure you have the blade perfect touch the arrow and not putting too much pressure on it, because, of course, it will crack the shaft.

Now start the saw blade, stick the opposite end of the shaft in the drill and spin it the same direction as the blade. Why should they be in the same direction? Because it will eliminate the angle variations from spinning the arrow by hands. The blade contacts with the shaft at higher speed and thus cuts cleaner and nicer.

Always remember to put consistent yet light pressure while sliding the arrow against the blade. Once you get your row cut, though. It’s time for the finish look. First, clamp a piece of MDF vertically and smear some buffing compound on the MDF. Then, with the arrow still in the drill, spin it perpendicularly to the buffing compound. Finally, use the abrasive black compound and the green compound for a mirror finish of the arrow.


Tips for carbon arrow cutting

Use a tape to mark the line where you want to cut through the arrow; this also helps to protect the carbon shaft when put into the drill. Also, you can put the opposite end of the shaft into the drill and spin it while marking to make the mark nice and circular.

To cut the arrow to length, you can either line up the arrow against a glued yardstick ruler or use the ruler to hand measure the length and mark it with the tape or pencil.

While measuring the arrow, the exact distance is from the end of NOC install (where the string hits the throat of the NOC) to the front where the insert goes in the shaft.

Using the vacuum pickup to take in the dust from the cutting process is highly recommended. It may be loud when you turn it on, but it keeps the dust from going to your nose and your lung.


Above are all methods to cut the carbon arrows that you can easily apply at home. Whatever method you are going to do, make sure you do it with safety and carefulness. We all know that archery demands a lot of practicing. Hope my tutorials work for you, thank you for reading.



Is Pepper Spray Legal In Texas?

Short answer – Yes. But how much is legal and in which cases it is legal? There are much more you need to know about the use of pepper spray in this state. This article offers everything you need to know about proper defense using pepper spray in Texas.

There has been a controversy around whether or not carrying and using pepper spray is legal in Texas. While the Texas Penal Code Section 46.01 (14) states that it is legal for an individual to possess a small container of pepper spray for self-defense, there are in fact not quite a few cases of being arrested for carrying this spray. In this article, we are going to uncover the regulation around pepper spray in Texas.

Texas Penal Code Section 46.01(14)

As stated, this legislation shows that a person can carry small pepper spray, and please note that it is commercially-sold pepper spray. Thus, we can interpret that an individual is deemed to be legal if that one carries a key-chain pepper spray. In fact, this type is popular on the market and actually is being sold for self-defense purpose.

Even though the chemical dispensing devices are prohibited by the state of Texas, commercially-sold pepper spray does not belong to this category. As a result, any pepper spray that you can buy from the academy or sports store with the purpose of self-defense is lawful to be used in Texas. So, another thing to interpret, you are allowed to carry the commercially-sold pepper spray, without having a license to do so. Also, there is no place exempted from the law of Texas where you are not allowed to bring the spray.

For those who are asking what the chemical dispensing devices are, the Texas Penal Code Section 46.01(14) has a detailed answer for you. They are of course not a small chemical dispenser that is sold commercially for self-defense. Instead, a chemical dispensing device is a device that is designed to dispensing substance capable of causing an adverse effect on human, either physiologically or psychologically.

Legal cases

Also interpreted from the Texas Penal Code Section 46.01(14), the use of pepper spray is only considered legal when it is a reasonable response to one that is using unlawful force against you. Because using pepper spray is not using a deadly force according to the law, it is legal to use it for personal protection. Even though using the pepper spray in not considered as using deadly force, please note that the spray contains Oleoresin Capsicum, which can cause a severe temporary effect to the respiration of those being hit. Again, the pepper spray is for defense, absolutely not for attack.


In fact, the jury will be the person who determines whether or not one has a reasonable explanation for using the pepper spray. There are not hard and fast rules on deciding when you can use the pepper spray and whether or not that case is reasonable. However, remember that this law is to ensure people only use this method of personal protection in the emergency circumstances. For instance, a person may punch you hard that causes an injury; you may use the pepper spray to protect yourself.

Illegal cases

Of course, carrying or using the pepper spray that is not commercially sold is illegal. Also, if one cannot provide a reasonable explanation for using it, one is considered using the pepper spray improperly. For example, if you have an argument with someone, they approach you and poke you but not get involved in any physical attack, using the pepper spray toward this persona is considered illegal.

Another example is carrying and using tear gas grenades. These go beyond the size of the commercially sold pepper spray, and thus, it is illegal to carry and use them if you are not a law enforcement officer on riot control duty. You may also know the case of Jason Simpkins, who were declared as falling foul of this law in 2009. At that time he had a big size pepper spray canister in his truck, and then he was arrested according to law. Despite explaining that he was not carrying the spray with him, it was in the truck, and it is used just in case he had to defend himself against the feral dogs, this man was still floored and arrested.

Liabilities of improper use of pepper spray

If they jury decides that you don’t have a sound explanation for your carrying and usage of pepper spray as a mean of protecting yourself in the emergency situation, you could be liable for criminal assault. This liability sounds like a big deal; in fact, improper use pepper spray is categorized as Class A misdemeanor, and you may be put in jail for a year or fined for $4,000. If your case is not yet justified, you may also be in charge of civil damages. In this case, you are responsible for paying the hospital fees if required. There are times in which the case is considered lesser offense or greater offense, but the mentioned liabilities are generally applied.


How to determine the boundary?

As stated in this article, 2 most important criteria to determine whether a case is legal or illegal is the size of the spray and the reason of using the spray. Remember 2 phrases “Commercially sold” and “Reasonable explanation”. If you have both of these criteria fulfilled, you should be confident in proving yourself innocent. Again you are reminded to use the pepper spray for self-defense in emergency situations only. A variable that strongly affects the legality of the case is the jury’s judgment. Thus, it is always recommended to explain yourself clearly to the court, in case you are being suspended.


Even though now we all know that we can use the pepper spray in Texas according to this state’s law, It is controversially debated if a person should or should not use the pepper spray. Some say that it is a good mean of self-protection, some others say that using it may provoke the attacker’s aggressiveness and make the situation even worse. The decision is still yours, just remember to ready yourself with the knowledge needed while using the pepper spray. Thank you for reading my article, hope you find it useful.

How To Get Rid Of Magpies in Garden, Roof and Balcony

Before finding out how to get rid of Magpies, let us research about the characteristics and descriptions of them. Magpie is a kind of bird living in Europe, much of Asia and northwest Africa. It is similar to the crow family, so they are considered to be able and ferocious birds. They attacked plenty of other birds, even the people walking or bicycling.

Magpies are about 40- 45 cm in length. Their head, neck, chest are glossy black with a metallic green and violet sheen, the belly and scapulars are white, the wings are black glossed with green and purple and the primaries have white inner webs, conspicuous when the sides are open. The graduated fail is black, glossed with green and reddish purple. The legs and bill are back.

Also, males weigh 210- 272 g (7.4-9.6 oz) while females weigh about 182-214 g (6.4-7.5 oz). Magpies prefer tall trees for their large nest. Moreover, they also nest mainly in the parks, even in the resident areas and in the cities where they become a significant danger to people living in.

Especially, for the large some Asia countries, magpies are seen as a symbol of great fortune, of strong spirit and a provider of prosperity and development such as in Korea, China, and so on. Besides, they also contribute to increasing the diversity of the ecological environment.

How to get rid of magpies

There are variety of the methods that you can apply in your daily life including even the presentation of the Magpies attacking you incidentally. If you were one of the victims that magpies assailed, you should use my useful tips to protect safely for yourself.

Cyclist wearing a helmet with “spike” toward off diving magpies

Magpie attacks can cause injuries, typically wounds to the head and being unexpectedly swooped while cycling can result in loss of control of the bicycle, which may lead to injury. So, a helmet being designed simply with spikes toward protecting your head from diving Magpies. Fortunately, you can buy a few spikes easily at supermarkets and stores in over the world, or you can be hand- made with many available materials in your house such as straws or small plastic bars which are easy to attach to a helmet.

Wear abroad – brimmed or legionnair’s hat or use an umbrela

A magpie defends its territory from a brown goshawk. If it is necessary to walk near the nest, wearing a broad- brimmed or legionnaire’s hat or use an umbrella will deter attacking birds, because Magpies always go for the highest point.  And you will have trouble. But beanies and bicycle helmets are little values as birds attack the sides of the head and neck.

Wear sun glasses on the back

Magpies prefer to swoop at the back of the head, therefore, keeping the Magpies in sight at all time can discourage the bird. A basic disguisesuch as sunglasses worn on the back of the head may fool the Magpies as to where a person is looking. Eyes painted on hats or helmets will deter attacks on pedestrians but not cyclists.


Attack a long pole with a flag to a bike

Cyclists can deter attacks by attaching a long pole with a flag to a motorcycle, and the use of cable ties on helmets has become extremely common and appears to be effective. With simple designs and easy installation, I sure you will be pleased with this way.

How To Get Rid Of Magpies
How To Get Rid Of Magpies

Inspect the area for nest

Magpies often nest in tall trees or small brush. So, you should inspect your yard and surrounding areas for nests. When appearing them, remove immediately before Magpies have a chance to lay their eggs. You had better put the nests to where are far from the resident areas and cities or dispose of the nests to prevent Magpies from reusing it for new nesting material.


 Cover food and garbage

When your pets have consumed some foods, if you forget to cover the redundant foods, many kinds of different birds will be attracted and migrate to areas containing it including magpies, even they can nest near where you live. Besides, they are also known to pilfer through open garbage cans searching for food. Make sure the trash cans are securely covered and dispose of waste in appropriate facilities frequently to avoid drawing in the birds.

Hand – feeding magpies

It didn’t believe that hand- feeding birds can prevent the swooping, but this was the truth. Birds will become accustomed to being fed by humans, although they are wild, will return to the same place looking for handouts. As a result, those people appear less of a threat to the nesting birds.


Other ways to avoid magpies attack

Firstly, pay attention around if you go for a walk through where plant a large number of trees. When birds attack you, it is more important that you must keep calm and rush away from the attacking bird, not to run. Especially, don’t turn your face back when the Magpies are approaching you.

How To Get Rid Of Magpies
How To Get Rid Of Magpies

Secondly, contact immediately or report to your local council about magpie information and problems when you see them at anywhere. Make sure that put dangerous noticed boards at where the Magpies have appeared before.

Finally, when you go bicycle through dangerous bird places, you had better get off and walk with your bike, because most of the accidents are falling from bikes, can lead to hundreds of serious injuries, even death.


In short, magpies are so intelligent and stand for the fortune, yet they also bring plenty of the troubles to not only people but also other animals. So, to avoid surprise attacks and severe accidents, you can refer my ideas. If you want to have questions, please write comments below, I will try to answer. Thank you for reading this post to learn how To Get Rid Of Magpies.

What Does Coyote Taste Like? Cook Coyote Easily With US

Coyotes (also known as prairie wolves or wolf wilderness) is a breed that is closely related to wolves and dogs. They are distributed in North America. This is predatory animals living in herds in small quantities, they have a more slender appearance grey wolf, but they are agile and resourceful in their prey and predators are skilled and respected on the Prairie North America.


In terms of size, coyotes have a small size, it is only the size of a small dog in Southeast Asia, with a body size from 9-22 kg, 14 kg average. On the surface, they look very slender and agile, with a narrow snout, pointy ears.

Coyotes are predators resourceful, very designer and intrepid hunters, coyotes also known as very intelligent animals and have the ability to adapt very well so even the living in the wilds of North America are harsher but the coyote continued to grow strongly to this day in places where they are present.


Wolf hunting is the practice of hunting, but the wolf that especially the grey wolf, mainly aims to entertain, from the skin, protecting livestock and in some cases is to protect human.

In North America, the majority of the hunter-gatherer society American native, coyotes are often killed for their body parts for use in rituals, or to stop them raiding food warehouses man when the wolf population has become too big for the natives to live with them. Native Americans were aware of the danger of wolves

coyotes usually live in grasslands, forests, deserts, mountains and tropical ecosystems in North America, so you can hunt them in those places.

What does coyote taste like?

Depending on the age and type of food they eat, the taste of meat coyote can be seriousness, soft or chewy.

Their meat fishy and chewy meat than dogs, flavoured pale, unlike the wild boar and wild pig market, it chewy and delicious, especially because living in the North by the climate of often very cold winter, do for hunting and firmer meat processing a lot of dishes. so, if you hunt coyote in winter, you will definitely get a coyote meat meal attractive.


Their meat is also good for your health than the meat of domesticated animals such as cattle, sheep or pigs for the meat of wild animals with less fat and cholesterol.

Can you eat coyote meat?

Wolf meat is very tasty, but not everyone can eat.

Coyote meat is a favourite food of the inhabitants of the steppes, they hunt for wolves to protect livestock and protection from their attacks on humans, so when they hunt, they will bring food processing.

However, there will be some people who do not eat meat coyotes.

People with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, gout, diabetes, because coyote meat contains high protein, with sick people eat wolf meat as above if more will suffer, making the disease more severely by excess uric acid levels.

People with heart disease should not eat coyote.
People with heart disease should not eat coyote.

Pregnant women, people with cancer, people or rashes, pimples or temperamental person should not eat coyotes because it is very harmful to the health and makes the disease worse.


– Because the coyote meat to be “heat”, with those who eat meat, try eating wolf on rainy days, cold, fall and winter because warm, delicious and more profitable, so if you have plans to hunt coyote,  you had better go hunting in the winner.

– Meat coyote also taboo to many different dishes, especially meat goat because wolf thanked properties, thermal popularity goat, when two things come together will produce real evidence, indigestible food, will integrate heat, born diarrhoea.

Meat coyote cooked with garlic is not good for health
Meat coyote cooked with garlic is not good for health

– Abstinence from meat eating garlic because of garlic taste coyote Modern, very spicy, heat popularity. Fasting with sweetheart buffalo, welding properties. Both of which contrast with the wolf meat, eat and easy birth if abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

How to cook coyote meat?

About a prairie dog meat, there are hundreds of ways of processing, here are a few of the current common processing.



Barbeque is the most common way of processing the North American people in particular and people like to eat coyote general. this may mean that the processing or use of wolf hunting because it is quick, non-fussy but delicious flavour.

Brushes are the most delicious meat along 2 sides wave back (loin), sliced up and then mixed sliced marinated in spices. When roasted spicy scent plus leaching will be scorched feathers blend into each streaks meat reinforces unforgettable flavour.



The roast is also a way that hunters used when hunting coyotes. Meat will, of course, be turned up fragrant and delicious than grilled meat coyote, however, this way takes more time and effort, more processing tools, causing difficulties in moving for hunters.

Firstly, to a semi-processed wolf, followed by spices marinated for about 1 hour, then brought up and returned fire, until its skin becomes crispy and turn yellow as can enjoy.

Primary processing and preservation of meat coyote, then brought home use.

The first thing is we have our intestinal surgery. The process of harvesting and disposal of coyote offal meat cold start to cool as quickly as possible. For small coyote, we can put it on the trailer or any means of transportation to the camp or go home and hang them to continue the process of cooling our cool before peeling off the skin and start the process cut the beast into pieces.

Handling and storage of meat coyote to not broken
Handling and storage of meat coyote to not broken

For the coyote has a large size, after removal of the head and skin, their meat is cut up into pieces and then packaged and stored in the freezer for storage. To prevent the freezer can “heat” meat, hunters use a small machine for vacuum bags before being packaged meat careful with the heat.

There are a few dishes you can refer to meat from hunting coyotes:

-Meat grilled coyote:

Material: Meat coyote, fat water, soy sauce, turmeric, pepper, lemon grass, fish sauce, basil, parsley.

Processing Procedures: Choose meat in the chest, back and abdomen, moderately thin sliced marinated for at galangal, lemongrass crushed, water technology, cool, early soy sauce to soak for several hours, then start the grill, cooked it and served with basil.

-Meat roasted coyote:

Materials: Meat coyote, salt, soy sauce, lemongrass, pepper.

Processing Procedures: you just spicy chicken thigh meat into coyote about 1 hour, then for nine rotating the pan that you can enjoy.

How To Trap A Porcupine In The Easiest Way With Trap Or Gun

Porcupines are lumbering, they are the third largest in the rodent family. You can see these animals in the Western and Northern of North America. They usually live in coniferous forest areas. Porcupines are not the fastest animals, but the hunters do not capture them easily. Porcupines are quite smart, and you have to make a special trap to catch them – that is the point. In this article, you will discover some approaches to capture porcupines. After that, you will know which way is suitable for you.

Some small porcupine catching tips

An overview of porcupines

A porcupine have more than 30, 000 quills that are share bristles of fused hair. These quills are their self – defense weapons. When another animal attack a porcupine, quills will detach, burrowing into the adversary’s flesh, and inflicting painful. These wounds can cause the dead. Normally, porcupines live in the western and the northern of North America. They live in the coniferous forest areas. They also move from prairie river bottoms to desserts or alpine tundra. They are rarely threatening animal unless they recognize they are dangerous.

How to catch a porcupine
How to catch a porcupine

Permission of catching porcupines

You have to recognize which area you can trap and shoot porcupines and which area you could not catch them. In this situation, you have to meet the local wildlife agency and check many legal points with them clearly. Furthermore, you have to get a license, and learning a training course to catch them. Do not be surprised with this point!

Making a plan

It is extremely important to make a detailed plan before doing something, especially catching an animal. You should draw question in your mind like what am I going to do with this animal if I catch it, how I am going to do it. If this is the first time you hunt a porcupine, you could knock the door of a wildlife agency for supporting.

Because it is not easy for an amateur animal trapper to realize how to get rid of porcupines. Porcupines are well – changed and it is hard to find for the novice trapper. A porcupine sleeping in a tree look like a crow’s nest or a squirrel’s.

The wildlife agency can give you some solutions, guide how to make a cage, consult the size of the cage, the habitat of porcupines, etc. Even though you get experience with this point, you still need their aiding. There are still dangerous points to carry out this mission, especially catching a porcupine by your own hands.

Choosing methods to capture porcupines

There are three main approaches to hunt a porcupine. You can use the cage, sacking and shooting them. No matter what way you choose, you have to study these methods smoothly.

Sacking a porcupine

If you are brave and strong enough, you can chose this way to have a porcupine. To put a porcupine into a large sack, you should wear weather gloves because the needles of porcupine affect your hand skin. After wearing gloves, you appeal the porcupine to these sacks. You may chose an extra pillow case or an old feed sack. When the porcupine comes to your sack, you nudge it with a stick. It is not safe than you might think because you can get hurt from the needles of them. Be careful to try the manual method!


Using a trap

In the second method, you can make two traps – conibear trap and live trap. When using conibear trap, you can not only catch porcupines, but also several critters. Porcupines will collapsed on the head and their necks. Once the release triggered, and it has broken on the head of them. If you feel uncomfortable to see a killed animal, you should not use conibear trap. Moreover, conibear traps are also dangerous for other pets in your house, if you put these traps in the yard. Therefore, you locate the trap carefully.

How to trap a porcupine
How to trap a porcupine

In the live traps, you put the vegetables (or fruits), and salt trick behind the cage, porcupines will use their sense of smell. Then, they will come to your cage. However, you should cover the bottom of the trap on the outside, and top of the cage by leaves and shrubs. Live traps are not difficult to make, and the dimensions of these traps are 11ft x 12 ft x 30 ft. You can ask the wildlife agency and they will guide you the technique of making a live trap.

Today, live traps made with lightweight in a professional way, but they are strong metal and wire. They have a sliding and locking front door which will close down when the porcupine triggered. You will carry and transport which have sliding and locking at the top of the cage easily. To be more protected, you could put into a plexi – glass cover for the cage if the quills are long enough to poke outside the metal cage.

How to catch a porcupine by trap
How to catch a porcupine by trap

Using a gun

If the wildlife agency approve to use a gun, you can catch porcupines by shooting. You could use a 22 – caliber or shotgun to keep porcupine populations down. Shooting the porcupine is similar other animals. It is very crucial to handle the gun in the right angle before shooting.

How to trap a porcupine by gun
How to trap a porcupine by gun

Porcupines are not threatening animals and they only attack humans when they have been no choice to find food because of their damaged ecosystem. If you are patient, you can catch porcupines in the human way.

Furthermore, you could relocate and have porcupines without problem. You can chose one in three methods above. However, it is safer for you to catch them by the tools (a cage, a gun, etc.). Experts recommend you chose the second or the third way, but you are the only one to know the approach to catch them that is available to you. Please keep in mind that you must have a license, gain knowledge about porcupines, and choosing the legal location to trap these animals. Hope that this post help you to know how to  trap a porcupine in the most simple way 😀

How Much Does An Elk Weight? Boned Out/Dressed out

Maybe you watch many programs which concern about elk, and you can search a plenty of images of elk or wapiti; however, you are aware of the first elk, is well-known species by the largest weight in deer family in the world. The appearance of elk is evidence which is an expecting secret number for many hunters who are amused at catching elk.

North American and eastern Asia is the primary region where elk are living these. Besides elk is the largest mammal in the land at here. Although elk and moose are the same deer family, you should distinguish between moose and elk. In fact, moose is much larger than elk. The weight of moose is twice as many as elk.

Elk always becomes a focus for the hunter when they join any big or small game because of incredible weight. Moreover, the meat of elk gives some value for people and the other wild animal. There this article will help you find the result of question: How much does an elk weight?

Weight of elk

The weight of elk depends on habitat where they are living, food resource, environment, climber, and the aspect. Therefore, each of elk living in the other place they will become difference weight. It is the reason that there are many large elk and small elk; however, we still have an overall statistic weight of elk from they born to they are mature.

How much does an elk weight
How much does an elk weight

It is quite individual between male and female of their weight. Always, the bull is larger than cow both of weight and length. Indeed,  a bull have a special feature which is antler; Also, antlers make the weight of bull higher than the cow with 18 kilograms (40 lb). And this is a sign to realize between bull and cow.

A calf is about between 15 and 16 kilograms ( 33 and 35 lbs). When they are mature age, it is the time their weight change following the gender, habitat, and the food resource in the place they are living. Indeed, the mature bull will have an average from 320 to 331 kilogram (705 to 730 lbs). Ensure, the cows, always are less weight which is about 225 to 241 kg (496 to 531 pounds).

Largest subspecies elk

The largest elk which is Roosevelt elk, found in some union of united state such as California, Oregon, Washington, Canadian. They are the biggest subspecies of elk. Especially, in Alaska where the greatest bull discovered weight expecting pressure that reaches 600 kilograms (1,300 lb), and weight of cow is 300 to 544 kg (573 to 628 pounds).

Some mature bull weight reach to1300ib (600 kg). This is a perfect weight for an elk.

The smallest subspecies elk

Beside a plenty of Elks are enormous in North American or eastern Asia and the other country in the world. Seldom do people the smallest bodies race of elk is Tule elk. They are a subspecies of elk which living in California with the weight 170 to 250 kilograms (370 to 500ib).

Carcass of elk

The meat of elk always is a value food resource for both of people and the other predator like lion tiger. Since their meat is richer nutrients than beef and chicken. Therefore hunting elk become a focus of many hunters in the big game. Perhaps some people wanted to know some field dressed weight and boneless meat.

Normally, field dressed weight is twice as much as boneless meat to both of male and female. It is clear that at the table below which we research from reliable information. When you read the complete statistics on the chart, you could choose a right way by yourself.

Elk hunting tips that you should know

Hunting time

Morning, afternoon, evening, even midnight are the time when Elk eats grasses, plants, leaves, and barks in the valley between the mountain or rocky mountain. It is the benefit time to hunt elk.

Besides, you should catch up them, and the autumn is an excellent season because of rutting activity. According to resource information of hunter ‘s experience, the said that the time is August and September is the convenient time to hunt any elk.

Special ways for hunting an elk

There is an unusual way to have an elk, but you don’t need to spend a plenty of your health. By this way, you can use the sound which likes the member ‘scream in their family. You have to use your throat to make the sound that is small and loud depend on the part of your throat, and almost it is your object stronger. Especially, that look like the scream of elk in dangerous. Only when do attracting the concentration of elk. And then you only wait they approach you instead of you have to find them.

Beside that you stimulate their sound and then knock down them. You can use the weapon to hunt them. If you want to have a big elk, you should be suitable for your caliber of ammo when you join a game. Also, you also choose the scope which is near enough to shoot. And then you can take your aim and fire away.

Beside some above equipment, you should bring a field-grass by yourself. It is essential to use when you focus elk.


Elk is the largest species in the deer family, so eight of elk always as large as their appearance. Also, hunting elk is favorite of many people in the world because of their value.

We hope that after you did this article you prepare for the game immediately, also we still expect you and all of the hunter have benefit time to hunt. Moreover, we hope that all of above information can help you to have knowledge about how much does an elk weight.

We will become better if you can give us your comment, and then you can share or do anything if you want to do. If yo can discover anything that you considered that it is not enough or incorrect, you will give us your complain or the others your opinion. As a result, we will change and more and more finish this article.