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What Does Sturgeon Taste Like?

Every day you use possibly the meat of wild animal elk, porcupine, and the others, besides you, possible need to eat vegetable and something involve fiber; however, seafood is one of essential food in human life. And, this article we want to mention to sturgeon which is a typical example.

Sturgeon get a high-value nutrition and, certainly, it is good for heath‘s people in daily life. It could not describe the taste of sturgeon by some word simply because everyone always has different taste. Moreover, sturgeon also is cooked following many spices and recipes. It depends on each of sense, person, and manner.



Similar to the others food in life, sturgeon can be done by many ways namely smoked, fried, grilled, made soup, etc. and the others. The combination of sturgeon and the different spices will make many typical dishes. Also, it will give a diversity of taste which depends on the conditional.

Therefore, to find a specific number of recipes from sturgeon in the fact that it seems to be impossible. But, the dishes are the most highlight in all which can name as some dishes by smoked and caviar.


Some people believed that the raw sturgeon taste like saltwater white fish; however, the others consider that taste of sturgeon is more similar to freshwater fish. The meat of sturgeon is very fatty, light and fresh. But, some customer believed that sturgeon does not smell fishy. Besides, its texture is well chewy.

In fact, all of the part in sturgeon always becomes value even it’s bone because of creating from gristle. Therefore, several different dishes are made from sturgeon by many of ways. The taste and smell depend on the spicy and technique of the cooker.


Smoked sturgeon is familiar dishes in throughout many countries in the world. In the west, they always make smoked sturgeon to reserve them for a long time. But, nowadays this dishes become more delicious by many ways.

You certainly feel fantastic when you have a chance to taste a smoked sturgeon because of its delicate in each of texture. Besides, sweet flavor and velvet texture which make you forget anything in your work that you feel pressurize all time. So, eating also is a way to reduce stress in your life. Especially, fish is not so fat to enjoy for everyone and, it is better than to the woman.


Many ways to make smoked sturgeon but, we can make smoked sturgeon only by do you follow four simple step which we collected and, you can consult the way to make sturgeon below:

You need to prepare for spicy and cooking utensils:

Underneath the meat of sturgeon in brine 24 hours

Time to cook 4 hours

  • 3-5 pounds large blocks sturgeon
  • 1 cup kosher salt
  • One teaspoon mace
  • One tablespoon garlic powder
  • Brandy or Whisky to coat salmon

And then you need to make it following four steps below:

  1. Cut it to have any blocks of the rectangle and, mix into salt, sugar, and spices together. Then put into covered with the non-reactive container (plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel). Next, lay it into the fridge to cure much enough time to match with sturgeon weight.
  2. Pull it out from the refrigerator then cure and rinse sturgeon. Use a paper towel to make them dry and next, lay it on the rack in the fridge during the next day.
  3. Smoke it during 4 hours in very low temperature. It is about 160 degrees F.
  4. Make it completely cool then cover and store. It could be reserved for one week in fridge or 6 months if it laid in freezer covered.

It is all the things and steps for making smoke sturgeon. Let ‘s try to have a right taste of smoked sturgeon as you can.

Smoked sturgeon also combines fresh lemon and thyme and some spices to become a salad which is very delicate and cool in taste because it is sour of lemon and smell of the thyme.


For a long time, caviar gives to the human many of nutrition for health in day life. Thus, caviar is not so far to everyone that it also become a regular dishes quickly in wherever, and caviar gets some element which is good for the health.

If you are a big fan of seafood, you will fall in amazing experience in the taste of caviar. A lightly sweet, salty and fishy are some adjective to describe to caviar. You can image in your mind that smell and a little creamy and nutty of caviar when you enjoy it.

People always use caviar like a part of dishes which get prettier much more than. Usually, you can find some recipe such as squid ink caviar and crab salad, scallops and sturgeon with caviar or, sometimes caviar is a supporting part, making dishes get a sweet flavor.


Sturgeon is also a perfect suggestion for Sashimi SHUSHI or Rolled SHUSHI. These are an amazing experience for the person who is a big fan of Japan‘s food. It is sweet, creamy from the meat of sturgeon. Besides, you can taste by your tongue and nose directly. Moreover, fresh fish will give you have a fact sight.


For freezer fish: you need to cure and clean it before put it into the fridge. Then choose the container to store all of steaks and cutlet. Whole non-oily fish can be stored for six months, stored steak and cutlets for three months. Both of them maintain at 18 degrees C or less.

For fresh fish: it should reserve in period 2-3 days with 40 degrees in the fridge.

For cooked fish: the suitable temperature is 140 degree or higher in the refrigerator.

IN CONCLUSION                                        

Thank you for reading this article, we always hope you have a beautiful day with many recipes with sturgeon beside your family. And, we also expect the commendation from all of you.

Do Deer Eat Hickory Nuts?

Do deer eat Hickory nuts? This is a difficult question. Because until now, there isn’t a widely accepted answer. Many people said that they haven’t seen deer eating these fruits before. Meanwhile, a number of hunters argue that this hypothesis is true.

Whether the Hickory nut is the deer’s favorite food or not, it doesn’t affect us so much. But if it’s true, we can have one more delicious bait for the hunt. This also provides us relevant benefits, such as the elk’s feeding areas or shooting spot.

So today, we want to help you out with this little but useful question. We will know if the deer eats Hickory nuts or not, and everything good that can come with this.

Why do we need to know this?

If by exploring this little mystery can increase the hunt’s successful rate, it’s worth trying. Imagine you are seeking some poor deer to shoot, but there is even a sign of them while the sun is going down. It’s a lot disappointing. But everything will be better if you know their feeding grounds or where they will come to eat. So, if Hickory nuts are something moose can eat, their feeding areas may be not far away from Hickory trees.

If we know that deer can eat these nuts, we can use them to bait the animal. Actually, they don’t like Hickory nuts much. But if they find some, they will eat them. Chances are low but still exist. For example: in crowded living habitat, deer need to look for more food. This increases the percentage that a deer will eat Hickory nuts. And our strategy of using these fruits baits can work easily.

What is a Hickory nut?

There is a fun fact that while reading this guide, many of us still not know what does a Hickory nut looks like. Here are some information about these nuts

They are nuts from Hickory trees, which grow mostly in Asia and North America. Canada and Mexico have a quite amount of Hickory tree species, about two or four. But the U.S holds the largest number. There are up to 12 members in the Hickory family found in the U.S. They often grows on two sides of Mississippi River. Especially from the west of the river to Texas, or most of the south states, are the land of pecan, one of Hickory’s species.

You can easily recognize them by looking at its fruit. They have globose or oval shape with a four-valved husk. When the nuts become mature, the outer husk will split out, revealing a big fat seed.

Because of their structure, Hickory nuts don’t belong to the deer’s diet. But they still eat these nuts due to their feeding habits.

Are Hickory nuts on deer’s diet?

To answer this problem, we need to make an anatomy of the deer. Of course, we don’t really make an operation, but look deep into the animal’s biological structure.

Deer’s stomach isn’t for nuts, the truth is. These elks have simple stomach formation, which is for digesting soft food. Nuts with thick and hard husk like Hickory’s aren’t good for their digestion. But if a deer finds a Hickory nut, it will eat it right then.

It’s because the species eat what they can eat. This is their eating habit. They don’t need to know if the fruit is in their favorite menu or not.

Moreover, Hickory nuts are also very high in protein. This is also on of the deer’s eating habit. They love high protein food. And some of them have higher supply needs than what their stomach can produce. So, their diet contains more food like acorn or walnut. Therefore, a deer won’t be hesitant to chew a delicious and nutritious Hickory nut.

These arguments, combining with real observation, have proven that deer do eat Hickory nuts. They will eat whenever they find some. But the problem is how likely they will do it. We don’t want to spot hopelessly near a Hickory tree for the whole day.

How much they like to eat Hickory nuts?

As said, deer eat everything available in their sight. But they are also choosy. If there is a Hickory tree near a patch of grass, they will choose the tree. The high protein content in these fruits strongly attracts the elks. They will give up on other low nutritious food and go for the nuts.

Therefore, Hickory nuts are above standard baits for hunting deer. But this strategy can work even more fantastically with one subspecies, the Whitetail.

Research indicate that Whitetail, one of the most popular deer’s subspecies in the U.S, love Hickory nuts. Their stomach’s capacity isn’t enough to maintain activities of their much larger body. Low nutritious food like grass and leaves only account for around 10% of their diet. They are hungry for high protein nuts, walnut or Hickory. So they will run directly to every Hickory tree they find. This is out chance, too.

What other food do deer eat?

Deer are ruminants with wide options for feeding. They can eat almost all kinds of flora in the forests. The Hickory nut is just one fruit among their rich menu. If there aren’t many Hickory trees in your region, or if this isn’t the right season for these nuts, your hunting process can become harder. So you should learn about other deer’s favorite foods t use as a bait.

What deer often eat usually contains grass, forbs and browse. They can eat most kinds of grass and other vegetables that are of low height plants or on the surface of the ground. They also eat forbs, a term for the flower. Bayflower, wild lettuce or clover are just some of the long list of flower that a deer can digest. Their diet also includes browse, leaves or fruits that grow on tall plants. The Hickory nut is one kind of browse, beside acorns, walnut, and wild cherry.

One last word, deer do eat Hickory nuts, and the one love them most is the Whitetail. Every time you want to hunt a Whitetail or a deer in general, pay attention to Hickory trees around the forest.



How To Tan A Coyote Hide In Simple Way

The coyote is a canid native to North America. The average male coyote weighs 8 to 20 kilograms (18 to 44 lb) and the average female 7 to 18 kilograms (15 to 40 lb). Their fur color is predominantly light gray and red or fulvous interspersed with black and white, though it varies somewhat with geography.

It is highly flexible in social organization, living either in a family unit or loosely knit packs unrelated individuals. It has a varied diet consisting primarily of animal meat, including deer, rabbits, hares, birds, though it may also eat fruits and vegetables on occasion.

Coyote attacks on humans are uncommon and rarely cause serious injuries. But it usually kills other animals smaller to rob their food such as dogs, cats, even sheep. Besides, it is clear that coyote fur is considered worthless, so the hunting of coyotes for their fur become a significant source of income for hunters because it used for coats, jackets, scarves or muffs. The majority of pelts used for making trimmings, such as leather collars and sleeves for women’s clothing.

How to tan a coyote hide that you will love

Tanning is the process of treating skins and hides of animals to produce leather. Tanning hide into leather involves a process which permanently alters the protein structure of skin, making it more durable and less susceptible to decomposition and also possibly coloring it.

Step 1: Preparation

After hunting, you put the hide on the table and attach it into, then, you need to use a sharp knife to skin and trim off any flesh and scrape visible fatom the hide.

Method 1: Using an entire natural progress

Wash the hide

After fleshing the hide, you use clear water and soap to reject dirt, blood, and other impurities. You should remove it various times to ensure reliable the hide being white more.

Dry the hide

Put the coat on a drying rock which the sun shines, or you can bore holes along the edge of it and use twine to attach it is in a rack which you can purchase at supermarkets or household appliance shops. You need to notice that the hide must be stretched completely and dry out for a few days or up to a week depending on your climate to prepare for tanning progress.

Denair the hide

Putting the hide on the face of a flat wooden stick and taking a dull knife and weeding its furs out the hide. Be careful near the belly area because the skin here is thinner than the rest of the coat. Also, if the hair is long, cut it to decrease the amount of the hour for this process. Moreover, scrape against the grain of the hair and scrape away from yourself.

Step 2: Brain the hide

To have an effective natural tanning method, you can apply the oil of an animal’s brain. You need to take the following steps:

 Firstly, cook animal’s brain and a cup of water until they become a solution or you also can take in its brain and put it in a little bit of warm water, then take a stick and stir them up and mix them all up into that water. Make sure you get a good combination.

Secondly, rub the brain mixture into the hide by a clout, make sure you cover all of the hides.

Finally, roll up the hide and cover it in a large plastic freezer bag. Next, put it in the refrigerator at least 24 hours.

Step 3: Often the hide

Now, you lift the hideout to begin a soften stage. You can ask someone to help you by both of you hold the end of the leather and stretch it out. Continue is doing so until skin’s animal is soft.

The other way, you can hang it on an iron clothes horse and take two ends of the hide and pull it up and down. It is a good way if you do by yourself.

Method 2: Using stanning chemicals

Nowadays, almost tanners apply this method to tan because it saves apparently time and energy. So, I will show you this perfect way. However, there are some poisonous chemicals, so you should wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands from them.

Tanning recipe

After fleshing, the hide is treated first with salt to bring down the PH of collagen to a very low level so as to facilitate the penetration of mineral tanning agent into the substance and avoid the attack of bacteria. Covering salt over the hide and rolling up it, then storing it in a significant bin about two weeks.

You need to prepare some ingredient:

  • 2 gallons water
  • 1 pounds bran flakes
  • 8 cups plain or pickling salt (not iodized)
  • Two large plastic trash cans and one lid
  • One box baking soda
  • ¼ cups battery acid
  • One large stick for stirring

A couple of hours before you plan to tan, soak the dried skin in clean water. Boil two gallons of water and pour over the bran flakes. After an hour, strain the bran flakes out. Then, pour boiled three gallons of water into the 8 cups of salt and use the stirring stick to mix until the salt dissolves. Add the brown bran liquid and stir.

When this solution is lukewarm, you add the battery acid. You should wear gloves and protective clothes to avoid the acid firing. Stir the battery acid in thoroughly. After 40 minutes, use the stirring stick to move the skin into the other trash can carefully. Then, wash the hide with clean water and stir the skin for 5 minutes, changing the water when it looks dirty.


Next, add a box of baking soda which neutralizing some of the acids in the skin. Remove the hide from rinse water, hang over a rank and use a rag to swab the still- damp skin side with neatsfoot oil. The following, hang the hide on a stretch or hide dryer to finish the progress.


Chromium (III) sulfate has long regarded as the most efficient and effective tanning. Before the introduction of chromium chemicals in the tanning progress, a few steps are needed to produce the skin. These measures include shaving, soaking in lime, reducing lime, soften skin with enzymes and pickling.

After all, the hide soaked in chromium solution. When the desired level of skin permeability chromium achieves, fishes it out and completely dries. Meanwhile, skin changes into blue so called wet blue leather.


Conclusion, nowadays, leather products are getting more popular such as wallets, clothes, shoes, belts, yet they sold at a price much higher than other materials. So, I hope that methods above can help you to become richer. Good luck!

A Review for Spot Hogg’s Hogg Father

It is hard to shoot a bow without a sight, they say. You can shoot more accurately, you hit the target more from the long range, everything’s better with just one sight. But the real problem is that there are many models out there. So we decided to test through many sights before purchasing one.

HHA or TRUGLO are famous archery brands. Their sights are the most common used accessories by hunters around the world. But there is still a strong competitor in this race, the Spot Hogg. And their Hogg Father sight has surprised us the most. The micro adjustment system, the creative design are just two of its amazing features.

So today, we write a review about the Hogg Father. If you are looking for an awesome sight for your bow, why don’t you take a look at the famous Hogg Father?

Hogg Father bow review

High accuracy

The most notable characteristic of the Hogg Father is the accuracy. Hunters use sights for more precision on their shots, and the Hogg Father fulfill this mission so well.

The key factor to increase the accuracy of the Hogg Father is its Dovetail bar. It is attached to the Rack Assembly, which contains the rest of the sight. The bar makes the Rack slidable, allows us to slide the sights back and forth easily. If you set it at the maximum range available, you can have a longer the sight radius.

Sight radius is the distance between the front and the rear sight of a gun. In this case, it is decided by the peep and the pin of your bow. Physics says that if the sight radius is longer, your shots are more precise. It is because the front sight becomes smaller so that the target appears clearer.

Changing the sight radius isn’t the only way to increase your accuracy. The Hogg Father has an interesting feature, the micro adjustment. It has a smaller scale than the normal adjustment system, even by tenths of an inch. So you never be afraid of over adjustment.

Detachable Dovetail bar

The Dovetail bar provides not only the higher accuracy but also more convenience. It is adaptive and has many types of customization.

The bar is detachable. You can take the Hogg Father out easily. Just remove it when you are afraid of damaging it on the movement. The slidable Rack Assembly is also helpful. When you place it at the max range, you reduce the size of front sight that you see through the rear sight. But some people aren’t familiar with this, so they can slide the Rack Assembly back.

Every model of sight has its own limitation. The Hogg Father is good, but it can disappoint you at some time in life. In such situations, you are likely to buy another bow if using a normal sight. But now you have the Hogg Father, so you don’t need to waste your money. You can take the sight out of the detachable Dovetail bar, then replace it by another scope, such as one of the Hogg It. The bar is designed to fit most of the Spot Hogg’s production. This is an innovative solution to save money and make the hunt more convenient.

Amazing micro adjustment system

Spot Hogg’s Hogg Father may be the most comprehensively customizable model. Hunters who use this system themselves always say something like “amazing” or “awesome”.

As normal sights, the Hogg Father has one sight wheel, known as the Bull Knob. At the first glance, you can see the wheel is quite big. But it does come with many benefits. It is easier to grab and turn a big knob. And it is easier for you to see the numbers on its surface. Under the Bull Knob stays a Vertical Micro Knob. As its name, it allows you to adjust the yardage on a smaller scale. Use the two knobs and you’ll have the exact yardage you want.

Moreover, the Hogg Father contains micro adjustment system for 2nd and 3rd axes. You can have quick settings by loosing and tightening corresponding screws. All changes are simplified and speeded up, which is useful for quick reaction in the hunt.

More options for pins

Generally, you will have many options with the Hogg Father. You can choose among many types of pins. You can go for a single pin sight if you’re confident in hunting ability. Otherwise, you can use 3, 5 or 7 pins to increase the accuracy. You have many colors to choose for the pins. Green, red or yellow pins, each for your own intention and styles. Besides, there are many sizes of the pins. If the default size doesn’t fit you, just try another until you feel comfortable when sighting.

Strong reliability

One more important when choosing a sight is its durability. If there are two similar products, people often prioritize the one which lives longer. The longer

While you go for a hunt, you may be in extreme weather conditions. Heavy rain or intense sunlight, these severe natural phenomena can harm your gear. If the material isn’t good enough, your sights may be damaged. The screw and other parts can become loose or corroded. These damaged parts may have negative impacts on your actions. For example, you can’t adjust the axes when the screws are rusted and don’t fit the wrenches. You also find it harder to move the sights along a corroded dovetail bar.

But when you have a Hogg Father attaching to your bow, you’ll be afraid of those things. The Hogg Father is made up of solid 6061 aluminum and applied HRD (Hardened Rail Design) technique. It weighs a bit more than other models, but it is more reliable. The material is durable and hard to be oxidized. It helps the sight are strong enough to engage any kind of severe weather. As long as you have a good maintenance after using it, your Hogg Father can last for many decades.

For the keep the product always in a good state, Spot Hogg offer a useful traveling case. The box is designed to hold the Hogg Father perfectly. The sights and its parts can fit the created space inside the case. Foam padding is added to prevent your stuff getting out of position. The structure protects the Hogg Father from any physical shocks. Now you can feel confident to bring your case along the way to the hunting site. Unless you climb to the top of the mountain and drop it, it never breaks, according to the product manufacturer.


The Hogg Father still have minor good features: tool-less micro-adjustable windage and elevation, precision laser engraved sight scale and knob, etc. But those amazing benefits above is enough for us to make a decision. Although there are lots of sight models, we still love the micro adjustment and detachable dovetail bar of a Hogg Father.