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Just another great day in politics – Police officer stories


Five police officers were killed and seven others wounded in the ambush. It was the deadliest single incident for U.S. law enforcement since September 11,2001. You can see some best police flashlight in this case to understand more about this.

Dianne Palermo is a political powerhouse. Everyone knows her. She takes a firm stance on her beliefs and doesn’t hold back. As one of the most accomplished women in politics you can either love her or hate her, but either way, you know her.

Today, she’s at home in San Francisco where her house is more of a fortress than a home, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She likes the quiet away from the hustle and bustle of her life. She also enjoys the security of the six-foot brick wall around her house, and of course the staff that monitors the property.

Her schedule is consistently booked but on this Thursday evening she has a small break. Her husband will be back in town tomorrow and they are hosting a house full of people before their big fundraiser Saturday night.

Dianne is in her office on the second floor, sitting on her window seat and watching the sun go down. She smiles and takes in a large breath, inhaling her own pride. She is satisfied with her achievements and feels good about her life.

She has only one more meeting scheduled this evening and it’s with her assistant. Well, her second assistant because her main girl is out of town, much to the annoyance of Dianne.

“Good evening Dianne!” The call comes from Holly downstairs, the second assistant.

“I’m here, I’m here,” Dianne calls out on her way down to the kitchen. Holly brought her one of her favorites, a triple skinny vanilla latte. “Oh, you are my savior!” Dianne picks up the glass and removes the lid, “This…is a godsend!”

“Yes, well, so is this!” Holly gives her a copy of the L.A. Times, opened to the section where there is yet another rave review of her latest speech.

“Is it good?” Dianne asks, setting down with her latte. Not really looking for an answer, she starts reading.

“Oh my,” she smiles, “well, well, well,” she smiles some more and then giggles. The look on her face is almost as if her supporters are standing right there in front of her and she’s about to receive an award for her political genius.

Dianne gets done reading the article, about herself, and then folds the paper back up. She sees the top headline as she sets it back down on the table that reads, Protesters return to the streets throughout U.S. breaking into more violence across the country.

Dianne is disgusted, like usual, “What a mess! Thank goodness we do the work we do, right?”

Dianne gets up and says, “You understand, don’t you Holly? I mean, people are ridiculous!”

“It’s a real thing across the country…,” Holly starts to put in her two cents, but then immediately regrets it. She knows that Dianne is very stubborn in her beliefs and does not acknowledge any thoughts outside her her own.

She has heard Dianne preach time after time that it’s people like her, and her closest counterparts, that hold our country together. People that oppose what she knows to be best are either mentally deficient or completely ignorant. They just don’t understand! They don’t know what is best!

“Well, make sure you’re on board. There’s a reason you’re second assistant Holly, Nicole knows all about it!” Dianne finishes up the rest of her drink and sets the glass down, “Look, I’ve worked hard to get where I am. I feel like everyone’s gone and lost their mind!”

Avoiding an argument, Holly goes for some morale-boosting instead, “You’re right. I mean, you are all these poor people have to get their lives back on track! All of this nonsense is just people that don’t understand and it makes no sense! It’s just appalling to me that people don’t get it.”

“That’s exactly right!” And with that, Dianne is all smiles again.


The Baltimore Sun:

It started Monday morning with word on social media of a “purge” — a reference to a movie in which crime is made legal.

Dianne starts going through more paperwork from Holly when Teresa timidly walks in.

Teresa is from Mexico and has been helping the family for years, “Excuse me,” she says, “may I come in?” Her English is limited and her accent is heavy.

“What is it Teresa?” Dianne asks, visibly annoyed by the interruption.

“I am sony. I must go.” Teresa would normally stay on the property all week, only going home on the weekends.

“Go? But today is Thursday?” Dianne reminds her, questioning why she would leave. “We have things to do for this weekend, guest rooms and the linens!”

Teresa is struggling for the words and points to the TV.

“Do you want me to turn that on?” Holly asks.

“Yes ma’am,” Teresa says, nodding her head.

Holly turns on the television they see a Breaking News story unfolding. They see that by recommendation from the San Fran PD, people are closing up shop and shutting things down in the city. They see officers in riot gear filling up the streets and other shots of people throwing rocks and bricks.
Dianne turns to Holly, “What is this?”

“It looks like it’s happening now. This is breaking news!” Holly says, in aw of what she is seeing on the screen.

“No work. I must go. Ma familia,” is all Teresa says. She looks from Dianne to Holly, and then back to Dianne, “I sorry miss. I go.”

“Well, wait a minute! Teresa, we have people coming tomorrow! We have a lot to do!”

“I sorry,” Teresa says again. And with that, she turns and unties her apron as she walks out of the kitchen. Dianne and Holly exchange glances. “Find Robert!” Dianne yells.

Robert, who is the main man in charge of Dianne’s personal affairs, gives them the lowdown. She has a limited help staff in San Francisco but relies on them heavily. Today however, they have all up and left. The police are losing control and people are trying to get out of San Francisco. He’s about to go into more detail when Dianne interrupts him.

“I can’t believe this!” Dianne doesn’t want to hear about excuses. Her frustration is around her weekend obligations, not some mess in town fueled ignorant protesters. Polices are starting to use best bipod for AR 15 to prevent protesters.

Holly, however, does see the situation as something serious beyond Dianne’s plans, and wants to call her boyfriend. He works downtown and she’s noticed he’s called, “Uh, Dianne , can I…”

“Not now Holly! Can’t you see we have a situation? You’re not trying to leave also are you?” She flashes Holly a stern glance, “I certainly hope not. I need you, if you didn’t notice!” Dianne wants no distractions and certainly not from her incompetent second assistant.

“Right, okay.” Holly gives in. Her phone does vibrate again though and she looks down. It’s a text from her boyfriend Justin. She clicks into it:

What’s going on? We need to get out of here.

Let’s head to Mitch and Tammy’s in San Jose until things settle down. Call me.

Holly looks up at Dianne, but then reluctantly puts her phone down.

How Far Can You Hear The Gun Shot

Practicing, of course, is very important to all the shooter, but the sound of the gun is really annoying. Lessening the gunshot sound is extremely necessary when you have nice neighbors and do not want to disturb them.

So what is the exact distance the sound might travel? And if your land is appropriate for you to increase the accuracy before you use the gun in a particular situation. This articles will help you to answer those questions and reason it clearly for you.

The type of gun you use

If you use a different type of the gun, you can realize that the noise gun causing might be various. This is made by the type of the bullet used for each type of gun, the amount of sound can reach to your ear might be various as the gun you use.

The design will be a great factor for the sound the gun making while you pull the trigger. Differ type of the gun will have the difference in the sound. Besides, the secret of the weapon of each firearm manufacturer can change a lot in the sound of the gun.

How far we can hear gun shot -alt

For a normal gun, the sound can be in the range from 140 to 190 dB depend on the type of the provider and type of the gun.

With a shotgun, the sound can be about 145 to 165 dB. Meanwhile, the 9mm handgun can produce the sound around 160db. Also, the noise from a rifle can roughly 140 dB.

These number might make you confusing, but you can imagine by comparing it with the other sound. If you have ever heard the sound of the heavy chainsaw, it might reach to 100 dB, or the thunder is about 120 dB. So, you can estimate the loudness of the gunshot basing on that.

However, it is hard to say the exact how far the sound can travel because there are a lot of variables to give out a number.  The caliber, barrel length and the other characteristic of the gun can make it is impossible to give out the correct answer for all the situation

The terrain

Now you might realize that there is no way except firing a gun to know for sure. But where to shot the firearm might cause the different. And, in some situations, you can take advantage of the terrain if you want to deaden the noise of the gunshot.

  • The hill

When you are surrounded by walls of hills, the sound from the firearm will dramatically decrease when the bullet gets out of the barrel. The higher the hills, the less likely the sound can reach far outside your land and make your neighbor feel irritating.

As the sound is a type of wave, it transmits through the air. The Hill can play as the heavy object to reflect the sound back. Then the resonance of the gunshot will be decreased and might not upset the neighbors.

Though you live in the place there is not a lot of mountains as well the hill; the wall can give the same effect. You might not realize that the wall can be the barrier for the gunshot sound, prevent it from getting far and annoying other people.

  • The trees

Trees are what you can really when you want to cut down the traveling distance of the sound. Especially gunshot, while the leaves of the trees, with the slippery surface, can be a good material to reflect the sound.

The trunk and branch can take the responsibility of dampening the sound. In other words, if you live near woods, it will be soundproof for you to prevent the sound when firing the gun.

However, this does not single trees can help in this case, it can only deaden the noise of gun when there a large amount of them.

Therefore, you should just hope the loudness be decreased when you in the forest or you have a house in the thick woods. This will shorten the traveling way of the sound.

Weather and climate

This is the hardest for you when deciding how far you can hear the sound of the gunshot. As the weather change, every season and the climate is various from place to place.

  • The wind

Going along the wind is always easier than against the wind. The sound can transmit better when the wind supports it. In the case, you want to lessen the exploding sound when you pull the trigger, try to shot against the wind direct.

For each season, the wind will follow a direction; you can base on that to lessen the volume of the sound. If you do not know the direction of the wind, a flag can do that.

Another thing with the wind is it will prevent you to hear the gun shot. The windy area will make it harder for you to hear anything, thus, hearing the gun shot also harder than in the usual case.

  • The raining or snowing

Those weather condition might happen quite often in some place and cause a lot of difference for each person. On the other hand, it might be a good factor to decline the sound level.

In the rain, it is easy for you to understand that the sound of the heavy raining can make it difficult to realize the gunshot. The snowing does not cause any sound. Nevertheless, the difference is the snow can absorb the sound.

But you might see that this is not a great factor in the weather might also prevent the gun user from getting outside. But it will be okay if you only want to do little exercises, it will be the appropriate time to prevent the noise of the gunshot.


It is a tackling question to answer gunshot sound travel distance, and can not have the right or wrong answer for this one. However, you can still lessen the noise of the sound by make use of the terrain as well weather and other factors to ensure that sound does not disturb your neighborhood.

4 Serious Problems To Tell Why Dry Firing A Bow Is Bad

If you’re new to bowhunting and just buy your first bow, you’ll probably want to try drawing, even without an arrow. But an experienced hunters will tell you not to. Why dry firing a bow is so bad? It’s dangerous enough to not to try at least once? To anwser these question, I will show you how dangerous dry firing is in the guide below.

What is dry firing in archery?

Dry firing is a term for the action of firing a weapon without ammunition. In archery, dry firing is when you draw and fire the bow without an arrow.

Dry firing is common firearm practice method. Using real ammo is luxurious when you’re practicing and trying to be familiar with the guns. But there is no acceptable reason to dry fire a bow. Shooting without an arrow can’t be considered as practice. The more important thing is that dry firing does have vital effects on your weapon and health.

Causes of dry firing

You are told not to dry fire your bow, but sometimes you just accidentally make it. This makes dry firing more dangerous for hunters.

Normally, the cause of dry firing is from yourself. It isn’t a rare situation at all. Everyone can’t stand before the temptation of drawing a string when they’re holding above. When they don’t know how dangerous it is, they will try once. Even when you are taught about the results, you may still underestimate it and let that curious feeling seduces you.

But sometimes, or even quite usually, the bow itself causes the dry firing. When you use the bow, you get chances to loosen its parts such as the arrow nock. if you don’t notice, you may still repeat using the gear with a loose nock. And it causes dry firing.

Another cause of dry firing is something not from the hunter themselves, but the entire bowtech industry. Manufacturers today makes the arrows lighter and lighter. Users also love it because the heavier the arrows are, the more stress the users will get. But when your arrows weigh too little, this means you’ll get dry firing. Because such a light and weak projectile cannot stand the powerful and sudden energy from the bow. Firing a untra-light arrow means dry firing your compound bow.

why is dry firing a bow bad
why is dry firing a bow bad

The effects of dry firing

Regardless of the bow’s types, dry firing is a prohibited action. Compound bows are the most vulnerable to it: they are complex and made detailedly, so they have more parts and more joints. So, compound bows are susceptible to shocks than recurve or traditional long bows.

1.   Breaks the bow and its part

But for any kinds of bow, dry firing still have the same effects. It can break the limbs, risers, and cams, etc… When you draw the bow, you create a powerful force that store in the limbs. This energy is even greater for the compound bow. When you dry fire, you don’t have the arrow to absorb this mighty strength, and thus put it back to the bow. Thus, you can delaminate the limbs or break the riser of your beloved gear. It the force is too high, you can entirely destroy your weapon as every part will fail and fall apart.

2.   String snapping

The first and easiest to break one when you’re dry firing a bow is its string. It is where the force directly put on but is the weakest part of the system. It’s unlikely to withstand the powerful energy when you draw. Moreover, if there isn’t an arrow, the string and the rest of the bow will be 99% misaligned. You can move it to the right or left, or torque it…anything that derails the string. If the string and the bow don’t stay in the same line, energy can’t be transferred properly. You know what will happen next: string snapping.

3.   Serious health problems for users

Dry firing isn’t recommended for any kinds of users. It’s not because the action destroys your bow but also does harm to your body. There are many health issues you can get if trying to do that.

As you don’t have any arrows to counterbalance the force when you’re drawing, you will take it. A large amount of energy will go to your muscles, arms and shoulders. Remember there are many main arteries in these organs, so arterial pains are the most common issues you’ll face.

There is a common scene that a guitarist is hit by his guitar’s broken string. And now you can also experience that, but for a more serious result. Bow’s string is stronger and it stores more energy than a guitar’s, of course. When it snaps, it can hit your arms and the collision can hurt you and makes you bleed. If you don’t wear glasses or eye protection, it can also hit your eyes and cause blindness.

4.   Money lost

If you’re lucky, you can avoid any serious incidents mentioned above. But there’s still one bad thing that you sure can’t avoid. It’s the financial lost. You’re bow are now broken, but you won’t receive any warranty money for it. Because you are the one who doesn’t follow the instructions and break it. The bow itself isn’t failed and the manufacturers didn’t do anything wrong. So, you can’t ask for any warranty fees or support. When you bow is gone by dry firing, your money does too.

Precautions of dry firing

With all the risks above, dry firing should never be taken. Remember not to try it for the rest of your life. But you said that dry firing is also accidental, what can I do in that case? You have the precautions. You can stay away from unintentionally dry firing your bow by applying the following precautions.

  1. Maintain your equipment regularly

Carefully check for loosened nock, joints or anything strange with the bow. Only shoot when you know for sure that the bow is completely setup and in its good state.

  1. Don’t use arrows that are too lightweight

As said, arrows that are too light in weight can lead to dry firing. A little more mass doesn’t dramatically change either your draw force or accuracy. But you’ll be safe and more comfortable when shooting, thus you’ll perform better.

  1. Stop using and inspect the bow after dry firing.

If somehow you dry fire your bow, don’t continue to shoot again. Instead, you should check if there is anything wrong with the bow. There is a high chance of hidden cracks or splits somewhere. You can use a magnifier to find, or use a softball to locate the breaks.

Serious damage to the bow isn’t only the reason why dry firing is so bad. It also harms and threatens the user life. Unlike in firearm, there is nothing good with dry firing a bow.

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What to do when you are in anger?

Tips for doing what sounds so easy but is so hard

• Recognize whether your anger is out of control, organized, or focused.
• Remember others may not know how to deal with their own anger let alone yours.
• Trust that you were a reasonable human before you were attacked and therefore you will get control of this energy and be constructive.
• Decide and make a promise to yourself and then don’t break it.
• Be accepting and loving with whatever your decision is because you can always choose again if one is too difficult or does not work out as you intended.
• If all else fails, become a fitness junkie and channel that energy into physical fitness.
• Yep, this is the point where I am going to plug nature again like it was a corporate sponsored brand she was getting endorsements to promote. Nature has organized energy that is neutral and non-judgmental. Chances are that oak tree is not going to say the wrong thing and spin your heightened energy into orbit like an ignorant but well-meaning therapist or friend might.
• You will absorb the organized and neutral energy of nature by immersing yourself in it. Jesus, Buddha, and I all subscribed to this wisdom and found peace. You will also, if you choose to.
Steps for getting anger energy from out of control to focused and productive.

Out of control energy is the kind that causes havoc. Boundaries can be breached and sometimes collateral damage can occur. This can also be a cause for later guilt which adds pressure, forcing you back down the energetic ladder. Use the following steps to continue moving higher on the vibrational scale versus down back into the hole.

1. Breathe and count to 60 before reacting in any way.
2. Get away from everyone into nature if possible. If not then excuse yourself and go to the bathroom, most people will not follow you or question this. The bathroom is usually safer.
3. Once in the bathroom, let the chaos of your anger fly around in shape shooting spurts. Just watch it like a fourth of July fireworks show in your head.
4. Pick an object preferably a solid inanimate object and determine the materials it is made of and its organized material structure that allows it to function. Think about the molecules lining up and ordering to create the solid mass.
5. Think again about the pieces to the culmination of your anger and start to list and sort those feelings, situations, histories, and events in your mind.
6. At this point, it is beneficial to think of solutions if possible. Identify what need is not being met. Also, consider the current situation and any problems that have led up to the anger point and are contributing to the energy rush.
7. Meditating on the organized structure, mesh the organization with the disorganized and chaotic anger thoughts and bring them into alignment.
8. Once you have a goal and the anger energy is focused you should proceed forward quickly using the momentum of the anger energy to accomplish the tasks in between you and the completion of your goal.

Because anger is energy that was taken on based on your individual intake of power, it is not possible for it to control you. Only if you decide to be destructive will anger be destructive. This is a major myth that I’ve psyched myself out with before. I believed the anger was more powerful than I was and blamed my outbursts and incorrect actions on that. This is kind of like when a guy tries to guilt you into sex by complaining of blue balls. It just isn’t so and is a convenient excuse for poor judgement and choosing negative paths that will inevitably have negative outcomes.

The best-case scenario, and what one can expect to accomplish with the miracle of anger energy, is to love yourself for creating energy and letting you know your needs are unfulfilled. Then determining those needs and taking the energy generated and using it to get the unfulfilled needs met. This is the secret to anger and why we have it and what it can do for us. This is also why others may dissuade us from being angry, they are trying to make you accept that you deserve or the only option is unfulfilled needs or they are intimidated by the power you create. Be thoughtful though, because they could just be afraid your anger is uncontrolled and will affect them negatively.

Interesting side notes and personal study on management by sarcasm and hostile work environments

Many work environments I’ve encountered are hostile in one manner or another. An interesting tactic that I’ve seen employed over and over is the hostile work environment scenario. Managers say one thing and practice another even if it is clearly against state or federal law. Know it is not that you are “too sensitive”. You are now just aware of what energy is leading your environment.
Part of shepherding your energetics is acknowledging the true way someone’s comments and actions affect your energy level. A good policy is to let the person know privately that the behavior is causing a problem for you. Based upon their response you will understand the course of action you will need to take. Make a list of the pros and cons of the job and start making plans for a long-term solution to this. If the manager is receptive and apologetic then count yourself extremely lucky and forgive and adjust. You have a great manager and an uncommonly positive and progressive work place.

On the other hand, you may get a variety of different answers that boil down to “deal with it or work elsewhere.” I generally choose to work elsewhere. First acknowledge and accept they have a right to be this way and you have a right to be somewhere else. Begin looking for alternative work and with your greater awareness be sure to ask some questions about management style. Take good care of yourself while you have to be in the hostile work environment. Make no mistake that it is hostile. If you feel the need or think you can change the environment it may be worth it to take it up the chain of command.

Keep in mind that the bottom generally reflects the top and things in this dimension and on this plane, are not generally as they appear. Make sure it is worth it before you embark on the battle and know that you will meet resistance. They are not likely to see things as you do and will likely use guilt, shame, and blame to put you in your place. It is not advisable to take on this battle if you are trying to crawl out of the tunnel. Save this for when you have more strength and energy for a battle.

At the end of the tunnel you will find courage. The only way to know you’ve hit courage is to not let them win. When they don’t change you, this is courage. Courage is when you are afraid at the crossroads of penalization and you do it anyway because living in fear is not living at all. This is how you make it pass the 200-energy level and start living and do not recycle back down into guilt, shame, fear and depression. Once you get to courage it is much easier to move up in energy level.

You may encounter resistance from those that are closest to you. The thought, “Damn if I was watching them and the roles were reversed, I would help them out. Do not be taken by surprise on this. Go ahead and be angry about it now and use that fuel for the climb. Inadvertently, they are doing you a favor. Be very proud of yourself as you have come to the crucial tipping point and made an informed decision.

Anger can make a difference

Anger is energy for the climb

“At the core of all anger is a need that Is not being fulfilled.” – Marshall B. Rosenberg

“Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their sad condition. But when they get angry they bring about change.” – James Russell Lowell

You have been energy depleted and deprived in the tunnel, knocked out just trying to survive, now suddenly a rush of energy enters and takes you over. Instinct dictates retaliation and protection even if the threat is long gone and moved on. Still, ego can kick and demand reparation. A case to slow this momentum down might be the potential harm and backlash not to mention, where will the energy to get out of the tunnel come from if this is all there is? A decision will be made in a matter of seconds that will determine the course that life takes. Now that we have found anger, what are we going to do with It?

First, celebrate! The energy came back from nothing. If you have a positive thought, then it is much more likely a positive result will come from this even though it is the vibrational level of anger. In anger, don’t lose the map.

The crossroads where we are looks a little like this:

1. Suppress this anger and deny the right to the energy because it could become destructive and fall into depression allowing the energy to be stolen and depleted back to depression levels.
2. Succumb to fear and sit in a state of anxiety about the energy.
3. Equidistance vibrationally from Anger in the higher direction is Courage, choose to focus that energy and move forward.

The nature of energy is that it affects things. That is what animates and is, as we know to this point, the difference between an object being alive or dead. A surge of energy, particularly one termed as overpowering or dangerous makes others uneasy. It’s not that you would harm anyone but you do have the instinctual energy generator that creates anger that is designed to eliminate the barriers that are stealing your life force. This is the mechanics behind why people react the way they do to anger. If you are not in control of your energy, then this force for self-preservation could inadvertently harm others. Most humans do not process being overpowered well. Hopefully this gives a good reasoning as to why someone would attempt to shut your anger down.

Most people don’t want to harm others, especially those that we care for in our everyday environments. When we are told to calm down or to not be so angry or even dismissed as “crazy”, “unstable”, or shamed with other labels, this can certainly be unhelpful, to say the least, at this crucial juncture. Two major recommendations at this point: Physically exercise to reduce the level of energy to a manageable state and distance yourself from others so their input is not a factor. These are for the immediate short term and are not designed to be long term replacements for everyday living habits. Unless you don’t find them to be a healthy part of your wellness plan, then by all means do it.

Objective outcomes experienced by making the following choices:

1. By listening to the internal voice that I had from birth, of parents, teachers, preachers, society, law enforcement, mangers, co-workers, friends, etc., unknowingly I denied my own right to the righteous anger I felt. Everyone just wanted me to go on with life and get over my problems because as the VA therapist told me in session: “Holly, everybody has problems.” I internalized this to mean I was complaining about something I had no right to because everybody had problems and mine were not so important. Essentially, I was making a mountain out of a molehill.

Allowing this thought process in and internalizing it as my new truth, cost me about two years until I met an energy healer. I spun from 150 of Anger down to Depression at 10. I confused indifference, guilt, and shame with 400, Reason. Therefore, if I had it to do all over again and having done it the destructive and the productive way, I would recommend a temporary imposed solitude. Also, you eliminate the chance of inadvertently harming someone with your unfocused energy.

2. Succumbing to fear, while not as detrimental as suppressing to depression, has the potential to open you up to addictions. When you paralyze yourself with fear and anxiety you just fritter that good energy away on worrying. Society loves you to be here. Nothing moves forward and you still mostly function, especially routine repetitive tasks which make up most jobs. Introduce all those medications for anxiety and big pharma is making money off you to boot. This is not a bad place, you won’t be alone, you will have lots of company here. Add a chemical fix to your ritualistic habits that create a false sense of security. If you want to keep up with the Jones this is an excellent choice. Addiction is still better than suicide.

3. The third option consists of focusing that energy and doing your goals despite the fear. Feel that fear and just keep moving through it because you promised yourself you would. You no longer do things because others want you to but because you made a goal out of desire and won’t let yourself down. You show up and make the ritualist habit something that will help you reach your goal. Read a chapter of a book every day instead of watching television. Exercise for an hour every day instead of staying home because too many jocks judge at the gym. You get the idea. Courage is focusing that energy instead of suppressing it or frittering it away on scattered rituals or unhealthy addictions.

Self-Esteem: Your Fundamental Power

Self-esteem iss Power for the journey

“If you care what people think you will always be their prisoner.” – Las Tzo

Self-Esteem: A realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect. This word came about in the 1650’s of our human history.

Awareness of Self-Esteem

It is an undeniable truth that you must love yourself before you can receive love from others. One of the most amazing epiphanies for a self is to come to grips with the fact that they are trying to extract something from another being they do not possess already.

A self which contains a soul is born into this world with a definitive purpose therefore deeming it worthy of life. With awareness, it is easy to see that all life is worthy of respect. All life plays a part and has a function here in this collective reality we live in. A great place to start with is what brought you to the point of contemplating self-esteem and how it is working or not working in your life.

1. Is your self-portrait realistic?
2. What aspects are causing you harm?
3. What needs to be cleared?
4. What are the voices in your head saying to you?
5. Do you understand these voices are your thoughts?
6. Did you know your self-esteem could be damaged even though you parade symbols of success?

Just like all major structures of a human, including energy level, mental capacity, physical health, our esteem is on a continuum scale and can be raised and lowered with seemingly small alterations in our habits, thoughts, and actions. The importance of monitoring and maintaining self-esteem is as crucial as eating, drinking water, exercising, grooming, and making money to pay the bills.

Look at it in these terms:

0- Suicidal
1- Worthless
2- Poor
3- Negative
4- Neutral, Approaching Realistic
5- Neutral, Realistic
6- Successful, Realistic
7- Inflated, Approaching Unrealistic, Pushing It
8- Inflated, Unrealistic
9- Narcissistic

By breaking the lofty topic of self-esteem down, and understanding it is not static, helps in creating manageable goals and outcomes in this area.

Become intimately aware with your self-esteem. Catalogue times (events) in life where you felt each way. This could potentially be difficult when your esteem is on the lower end. Fight the urge to just say all my events are this number. Consciously pick an event for each number. Even the well-adjusted people on earth have 0 and 9 days. The addition of mind altering substances will make this process harder but not impossible. Just note this and keep it in mind.

Just like deciding if you are hungry or thirsty, determining your self-esteem point is a daily function that needs to be maintained. A small amount of time and attention can make a huge difference in the outcome of the day. Days build upon weeks, which flow into months, comprising years, which ultimately become an accounting of one’s life.

The most important statement one can make is – I AM. These words resonate into being a manifestation that will show up in existence. If another thought or word is issued, It can cancel out the previous. It takes 17 seconds for a thought to take hold.23 From this point forward the longer and clearer you hold this thought without interruption or contradictory thoughts the faster and more completely your surroundings change and reality comes into focus.

The core seven principles to instill in your being can be said after the “I AM” statement. Saying I AM is like dialing a phone number. You are tapping into the universe setting to make an order. Whenever you think a thought that declares I AM and particularly if you create the vibrations by saying I AM, a reaction is going to occur.

This is all maintenance for spirit and fuel to raise or maintain an energy point. Like an exercise or food intake goal. Self-esteem is a strange animal because it is not like breathing which is run by our subconscious mind and happens without conscious thought. It is not also a conscious function that will not occur without thought or effort. It is a hybrid blend of both. Our esteem will occur subconsciously without effort or thought but we also possess the capacity to run this by consciously feeding thoughts into our subconscious minds that will then replicate without effort later. The premise behind this is like putting dirty dishes into an automatic dishwasher. You rinse the dishes off, load them, select the type of wash, add detergent and put the machine on. When the dishes come out they are clean and ready to be used again. So is your subconscious mind when you apply these methods.

The emotions of a person are designed to be indicators of vibrational frequency within a person and are effective tools when working on selfesteem. There is a misconception that some emotions are bad or unworthy or to be avoided. This is the same as saying it is bad for pain to be experienced because it is exposed to heat that is above its capacity to withstand. This is not bad. If the physical body did not send a message to the brain of pain your body may not take actions to remove itself from the danger. That could cause the reaction of your skin being disintegrated by heat and then losing function or even substance. In the same way, our emotions are warning indicators when actions, words, energies, and intentions are invading to harm our souls.

Nothing could be more important to the purpose of a soul then to maintain its vehicle for expression. Soul, mind, and body are all to be preserved, fueled, and maintained so each soul can live out its expression and complete its mission or purpose for this life. Maintaining a direct connection to your inner core and preserving it is your number one mission. Everything else is secondary. That is not a popular statement and may seem selfish. It is mandatory. A soul contributes the most to the world by becoming fully actualized. To do this you must form a connection with your inner core and respect its needs.

Self-esteem is pretty high up on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Citation on Maslow). He makes a pyramid asserting that self-actualization is the pinnacle with self-esteem right below It. This is the widely accepted and taught model. This is all well and good and tends to make logical sense. If this is the case though we are limited in a huge way as human kind appears to have a long way to go for everyone to have just the basic physiological needs of food, shelter, clean water, and sex being met. With self-esteem being that high up most people could go through life basically before even considering their own self-actualization.

An alternative to this theory is that our self-esteem determines to what extent we feel motivated to take care of our other needs such as physiological, safety, love, and belonging. In a more rounded continuum as a soul provides maintenance for its physical, mental and emotional well-being it could also at the very same time, and with equal importance, work on esteem. Instead of a pyramid the structure would be more like a sphere with a cylinder three dimensional core in the middle. As our energy is dispersed through the core and radiates out, we receive back the esteem with which we send out. This means we are not basing our esteem on external manifestations and looking to those manifestations but rather with a new awareness we realize that our manifestations match our energy output.


The Armenian Genocide – The Crime Of The Century

The Armenian Genocide, as an international political crime against humanity, has become, by the brutal constraint of history, an inseparable part of the national identity, the thought and the spiritual-conscious inner world of the Armenian people.

As the years go by, interest toward the Armenian Genocide grows steadily due to the fact of the recent recognition of this historical evidence by numerous countries. However, the official Turkish and the pro-Turkish historiographers try, up to the present day and in every possible way, to distort the true historical facts pertaining to the years 1915-1923, a fatal period for the Armenian nation.

Numerous studies, collections of documents, statements of politicians and public officials, artistic creations of various genres about the Armenian Genocide have been published in various languages, but all these colossal publications did not include the voice of the people: the memoirs and popular songs narrated and transmitted by eyewitness survivors who had created them under the immediate impression of the said historical events. These memoirs and songs also have an important historico-cognitive, factual-documental and primary source value. Inasmuch as the Armenian nation itself has endured all those unspeakable sufferings, consequently, the nation itself is the object of that massive political crime. And, as in the elucidation of every crime, the testimonies of the •witnesses are decisive, similarly, in this case, the testimonies of the eyewitness survivors are of prime importance; every one of them has, from the juridical point of view, its evidential significance in the equitable solution of the Armenian Case and in the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

I started this work as early as 1955, when it was not possible to speak explicitly about the Armenian Genocide in Soviet Armenia, when the exiled repatriates, the eyewitness survivors miraculously rescued from the massacres were living in fear of being unjustly accused and deported anew. At that time, I was a student at the Yerevan Khachatour Abovian Pedagogical University. Despising the difficulties of all kinds and conscious of the histórico-scientific and the factual-documental value of the materials associated with popular oral tradition, I followed the call of my Western-Armenian blood in the beginning and acted on my own initiative. Later, starting from i960, I continued my work under the patronage of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia (being engaged, at the same time, in other scientific research works). InArmenia, under the scorching summer sun and in the icy winter cold, I went on foot, from district to district, from village to village, searching and finding eyewitness survivors miraculously rescued from the Armenian Genocide. I approached them tactfully, without diverting their attention with irrelevant questions, and let them freely express their immediate impressions. I wrote down (and also tape-recorded) the bewildering memoirs, the impressive stories and the diverse historical songs, which they narrated and sang. [Svazlian 1984,1994,1995]

Subsequently, by making use of the possibilities provided by the directorate of the Museum-Institute of the Armenian Genocide of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (NAS RA) founded at Dsidsernakaberd (Yerevan), in 1995, I have continued the work started, not only by writing down and tape-recording, but also by video-recording (operator: Galoust Haladjian) the memoir-testimonies and songs of historical character (Armenian and Turkish-language) narrated by the eyewitness survivors. [Svazlian 1997a, 1997b, 1999]

Writing down word for word, I have included also the memoirs of the eyewitness survivors kept at the Memoir, Diary, Audio and Video Funds of the Archives of the Museum-Institute of the Armenian Genocide of NAS RA, which the said survivors themselves had committed to paper with a view to bequeathing them to the coming generations.

I have not overlooked and included also the memoirs narrated by the eyewitness survivors of the Armenian Genocide, video-recorded on the territory of Armenia in 1989 by a group of scientists under the leadership of the former scientific worker of the Department of History and Culture of the Armenian Diasporan Communities of NAS RA, Doctor of History, Noubar Chalemian and the cooperation of Salbi Ghazarian (USA), Sargis Keshishian (Syria), Vahan Gyurdjian, Aram Grigorian, Ghoukas Hakobian. While performing that work, they had assumed as a basis the uestionnaire “The Programme of Oral History” compiled by the Zorian Institute (USA). However, both the above-cited video-tapes and the tape-recording of the memoir narrated by the daughter of the martyr of the Armenian Genocide, the lawyer-writer Grigor Zohrap, Dolores Zohrap-Liebmann (made by N. Chalemian in New York, in 1989) had not been deciphered and put into scientific circulation.
Meanwhile, I have had the opportunity to make recordings, besides Armenia, first, during my personal short-term trips abroad, then also while my participations in international conferences in New York, San Franeisco(1979). Athens(1984).Los Angeles(l990), Istanbul(i996, 1997). In Istanbul and at the Armenian National St. Prkich (Savior – Arm.) old-age nursing home there I had the opportunity to record more than 40 testimonies and other oral materials. [Svazlian 2000a]

In 1999, when I was invited to make a report at the International Scientific Conference of the Institute of Oriental Languages (INALCO) inParis, organized by Dr. Anahit Donabedian, I was able to acquire over 10 testimonies from the eyewitness survivors. Meeting a few days later, the American-Armenian survivor, Sargis Saryan (b. 1911, Balou) in one of the exhibition-rooms of the Louvres Museum, I wrote down on the spot his memoir-testimony and took a photograph of him just there.

All these, coupled with the other memoirs-testimonies, narratives and songs of historical nature written down, audio- and video-recorded by me in the past and ensuing years (600 units), have been patiently deciphered word for word, studied and included in the voluminous edition“Hayots Tseghcispanutiun. Alternates veraproghneri vkayutiimner ” (“The Armenian Genocide: Testimonies of the Eyewitness Survivors”)(in Armenian). [Svazlian 2000]

In the subsequent years, too, I continued the work I had started.

In 2001, following my report at the International Symposium “Armenian Constantinople” organized by Prof. Richard Hovhannissian at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), I

US hides high-profile prisoners

The location of prisoners – A raising concern

The location of a number of prisoners being held by the US, including high level al-Qaeda suspects, has become a cause of concern for aid agencies and human rights groups, including the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).


The arrest last year of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – the so called al-Qaeda chief of operations – was a major scalp.

His name still appears on the FBI’s list of the most wanted terrorists.

But he is the only one of the 22 whose picture is accompanied by the word ‘located’. The question now is, where is he? The Pakistani authorities said that after being interrogated he was handed over to the Americans. But his whereabouts are a mystery. A US government official told me KSM, as she called him, is at “an undisclosed location”. We also do not know where a number of others, who have been described as high level al-Qaeda suspects, are being held.

No information:

The ICRC first publicly expressed concerns about those being held in undisclosed locations four months ago after its president met US Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice in Washington. But Francois Stam, the ICRC’s head of operations for North America and much of Europe, has told the BBC that the organisation still has not received any information on these prisoners and is becoming increasingly worried.

“The ICRC has visited Guantanamo and Bagram and has not come across those persons during the course of its visits,” he said.

“We simply do not know how many persons we are talking about or how exactly they have been arrested.

“We don’t know whether they are being judged, we don’t know anything and this uncertainty is a great source of concern.”

Trying to find out where they may or may not be is not easy.

Security issue:

There are three locations at which the US has acknowledged holding detainees: Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan and Iraq, according to Michael Shavers, spokesman for legal issues at the US Department of Defense at the Pentagon.

“There’s been speculation of other locations but those are the three which we’ve acknowledged holding detainees,” he said.

He also said it might be worth trying some of the other departments. So I did. I went first to the State Department. “We’re not the ones doing the detaining,” I was told.

Then the National Security Council at the White House.

“We do not and would not comment on those matters. Those are intelligence matters. I refer you to the appropriate intelligence agencies,” was the reply.

What about the Department of Justice?

No comment

And the FBI? After all he’s on their website.

“I can’t tell you that. It’s a security issue.”

The CIA wasn’t able to help me either. So I turned to Vincent Cannistraro, a former head of counter-terrorism operations at the CIA.

“It’s clear that the information about the location where the high value al-Qaeda suspects are being held is very closely guarded,” he said.

“We had heard earlier that they were brought to Diego Garcia but that’s such a remote place that it probably would have served only for initial debriefing.

“…They may have been taken there because it’s an ideal place to isolate someone and cut him off from all sources of information.”


This isn’t the first time it has been suggested that Diego Garcia may have been used. And it would be significant for the UK as the island in the Indian Ocean is a British overseas territory.

It is used as an American defence facility under an agreement signed in the 60s.

A US Navy public affairs spokesman said no detainees are or have been held at the naval support facility in Diego Garcia but could not talk about other parts of the base there.

A British Foreign Office spokesman said: “The US authorities have repeatedly assured us that reports that any suspected terrorists or Iraqi prisoners are being or have been held or interrogated on the island, or on any vessel anchored there, are unfounded.”

Wherever they may be, organisations like Amnesty International are concerned about how they are being treated.

The New York Times has alleged that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has been subjected to an interrogation technique known as ‘waterboarding’, in which a prisoner is strapped down, forcibly pushed under water and made to believe he might drown.

The ICRC says its negotiations to see these men are ongoing but it is still waiting for a positive response to its requests.