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Five police officers were killed and seven others wounded in the ambush. It was the deadliest single incident for U.S. law enforcement since September 11,2001. You can see some best police flashlight in this case to understand more about this.

Dianne Palermo is a political powerhouse. Everyone knows her. She takes a firm stance on her beliefs and doesn’t hold back. As one of the most accomplished women in politics you can either love her or hate her, but either way, you know her.

Today, she’s at home in San Francisco where her house is more of a fortress than a home, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She likes the quiet away from the hustle and bustle of her life. She also enjoys the security of the six-foot brick wall around her house, and of course the staff that monitors the property. Polices are starting to use best bipod for AR 15 to prevent protesters.

The Armenian Genocide – The Crime Of The Century

The Armenian Genocide, as an international political crime against humanity, has become, by the brutal constraint of history, an inseparable part of the national identity, the thought and the spiritual-conscious inner world of the Armenian people.

As the years go by, interest toward the Armenian Genocide grows steadily due to the fact of the recent recognition of this historical evidence by numerous countries. However, the official Turkish and the pro-Turkish historiographers try, up to the present day and in every possible way, to distort the true historical facts pertaining to the years 1915-1923, a fatal period for the Armenian nation.

Numerous studies, collections of documents, statements of politicians and public officials, artistic creations of various genres about the Armenian Genocide have been published in various languages, but all these colossal publications did not include the voice of the people: the memoirs and popular songs narrated and transmitted by eyewitness survivors who had created them under the immediate impression of the said historical events. These memoirs and songs also have an important historico-cognitive, factual-documental and primary source value. Inasmuch as the Armenian nation itself has endured all those unspeakable sufferings, consequently, the nation itself is the object of that massive political crime. And, as in the elucidation of every crime, the testimonies of the •witnesses are decisive, similarly, in this case, the testimonies of the eyewitness survivors are of prime importance; every one of them has, from the juridical point of view, its evidential significance in the equitable solution of the Armenian Case and in the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.


US hides high-profile prisoners

The location of a number of prisoners being held by the US, including high level al-Qaeda suspects, has become a cause of concern for aid agencies and human rights groups, including the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The arrest last year of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – the so called al-Qaeda chief of operations – was a major scalp.

His name still appears on the FBI’s list of the most wanted terrorists.

But he is the only one of the 22 whose picture is accompanied by the word ‘located’. The question now is, where is he? The Pakistani authorities said that after being interrogated he was handed over to the Americans. But his whereabouts are a mystery. A US government official told me KSM, as she called him, is at “an undisclosed location”. We also do not know where a number of others, who have been described as high level al-Qaeda suspects, are being held.

No information:

The ICRC first publicly expressed concerns about those being held in undisclosed locations four months ago after its president met US Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice in Washington. But Francois Stam, the ICRC’s head of operations for North America and much of Europe, has told the BBC that the organisation still has not received any information on these prisoners and is becoming increasingly worried.

“The ICRC has visited Guantanamo and Bagram and has not come across those persons during the course of its visits,” he said.

“We simply do not know how many persons we are talking about or how exactly they have been arrested.

“We don’t know whether they are being judged, we don’t know anything and this uncertainty is a great source of concern.”

Trying to find out where they may or may not be is not easy.

Security issue:

There are three locations at which the US has acknowledged holding detainees: Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan and Iraq, according to Michael Shavers, spokesman for legal issues at the US Department of Defense at the Pentagon.

“There’s been speculation of other locations but those are the three which we’ve acknowledged holding detainees,” he said.

He also said it might be worth trying some of the other departments. So I did. I went first to the State Department. “We’re not the ones doing the detaining,” I was told.

Then the National Security Council at the White House.

“We do not and would not comment on those matters. Those are intelligence matters. I refer you to the appropriate intelligence agencies,” was the reply.

What about the Department of Justice?


Self-Esteem: Your Fundamental Power

“If you care what people think you will always be their prisoner.” – Las Tzo

Self-Esteem: A realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect. This word came about in the 1650’s of our human history.

Awareness of Self-Esteem

It is an undeniable truth that you must love yourself before you can receive love from others. One of the most amazing epiphanies for a self is to come to grips with the fact that they are trying to extract something from another being they do not possess already.

A self which contains a soul is born into this world with a definitive purpose therefore deeming it worthy of life. With awareness, it is easy to see that all life is worthy of respect. All life plays a part and has a function here in this collective reality we live in. A great place to start with is what brought you to the point of contemplating self-esteem and how it is working or not working in your life.

1. Is your self-portrait realistic?
2. What aspects are causing you harm?
3. What needs to be cleared?
4. What are the voices in your head saying to you?
5. Do you understand these voices are your thoughts?
6. Did you know your self-esteem could be damaged even though you parade symbols of success?

Just like all major structures of a human, including energy level, mental capacity, physical health, our esteem is on a continuum scale and can be raised and lowered with seemingly small alterations in our habits, thoughts, and actions. The importance of monitoring and maintaining self-esteem is as crucial as eating, drinking water, exercising, grooming, and making money to pay the bills.