How To Join A PMC Without Military Experience!

Considering the nature of PMC (Private Military Company), it’s evident that people with military backgrounds have distinct advantages when it comes to employment prospect. Because of the hazardous working conditions and the demands for skilled personnel, ex-military specialist and discharged soldiers are highly sought-after by most PMCs. That being said, PMCs could also hire additional employees to take care of a variety of needs on the field. Some of these positions require no military experience and open for everyone that is interested.

Intend to join a PMC but feel that you might not have the experience that most employers tend to demand? If that happens to be the case then this article could provide you with some essential insights about the occupation.  Down below, you would be provided with a step by step guide on how to join private military jobs no experience including application and training. Additionally, to debunk common misconceptions, a couple of facts about PMCs are also elaborated so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into here.

Joining A Private Military Company: What You Need To Know

Make no mistake; you must already have some abilities to have a chance to work as a military/security contractor.  Excluding military experience, the majority of PMCs in business prioritize people that have specific qualifications in electronic communication, psychology, mechanical … Depend on the position, the criteria vary from case to case but you likely have to present your degrees in specific fields to secure employment.  As military experience is needed in all direct contact roles, PMCs often employ people that lack it in support echelons. Here are a couple of posts that ordinary civilians could apply for in a PMC

  • Surveillance experts
  • Transport specialists
  • Background investigators
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Security monitors

To put it plainly, if you want to join a PMC without any military experience whatsoever, make sure that you excel at a particular skill. Be it listening, observation or reasoning, as long as you are exceptionally good at something then your odd is acceptable. Similar to ordinary businesses, PMCs around the globe would never hire someone that is unable to offer anything besides the desire to work for them. Therefore, the first thing to do is to decide whether or not you got what it takes to persuade recruiters from PMCs to pick you. If you have none currently then take up a course that gives you the skill.

Quick Reminder: In most of the case, PMCs only employ people with no military experience in positions that rarely have to face dangers at work.  While some companies provide familiarization sessions in weapon handling to all employees, it’s highly unlikely that they give you actual weapons on the field. So a PMC operator that specializes in setting up Internet/telephone lines might find himself/herself being shot at without the ability to return fire. Of course, the possibility of that scenario taking place is low as you often work along with full-fledged, armed-personnel but the risk remains.

Searching And Applying For Positions

In the age of technology age, PMCs tend to post recruitment notifications on their website and that is the best place for you to start. Once you come across a position you like, see if you could satisfy all requirements put forward by the PMCs. Assuming that you have the right set of skills for the job, the next thing to do is to create a résumé that outlines your qualifications, accomplishments and alike. Don’t forget to include previous working experience that might be an asset in the post you are applying for. As always, it’s essential to ensure that everything you state in your résumé is verifiable by potential employers.

After you manage to come up with a presentable résumé, it’s time to submit it to the PMCs. Choose several different companies that have the position you want and send in your application in order to increase the chance of landing a job. Some PMCs let you upload your résumé and submit it directly while others ask you to fill an online form before attaching your application. For most of the time, you should be able to see instructions in the category with a name like “Careers”, “Employment Opportunities” and so on. Just follow them and you would have no trouble informing the company recruiter that you are interested in the post.

Now you have to wait for the PMCs to reply and with a wee bit of luck, you might start working for a PMC soon. Take the chance to gain experience, hone your skill and you could start going after higher positions in the future.

Salary And Benefits Of The Average Security/Military Contractors: Overviews

It goes without saying that PMC operators often have to deal with stressful situations and less than ideal working conditions. Hence, the usual salary of a security/military contractor is much higher than regular occupations. Generally speaking, the daily wage of a PMC employee varies between $500 and $1,500 but skilled personnel could receive up to $15,000/week. Experience, expertise and possible risks in the immediate surrounding decide the paycheck you get at the end of the day. It’s safe to say to that the outstanding salary is the main reason why so many people want to work as security/military contractors

With the salary settle, now let’s take about the benefits that a PMC operator could access on the field. To put it plainly, even the best PMCs could not offer you the benefits that are as good as militaries. For instances, if you sustain serious injuries while working, extraction might not be available immediately. In contrast with active duty soldiers, PMC operators don’t receive protection from international laws such as the Geneva Convention.  In the case you violate the law of the country you are working at and somehow end up captured, there would likely be serious consequences. Always keep these issues in mind while applying for PMCs.

5 Famous Names In The Industry

At this point, you should know what needs to be done in order to join PMCs with zero military experience. So here are a couple of companies that you could consider sending in your application.

  • Academi

Founded back in 1997 by an ex-Navy SEAL officer named Erik Prince, Academi (formerly Blackwater) offer security services to various governments on a contractual basis. Initially made to provide military and law enforcement organizations with training supports, Academi expanded and now it’s a premier company in the PMC business. Operators of the company were seen in multiple hot spots in the world such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Israel, Yemen, … Academi is also the owner of the largest privately-held training center in the US.

Throughout its history, Academi runs into a lot of incidents from “unjustifiable discharges” to “manslaughter.”

  • Aegis Defence Services

A UK-based company, Aegis Defence Services is a well-known PMC with offices in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, UAE,… The company was brought into existence in 2002 by Tim Spicer, a former CEO of Sandline International which is also active in the military/security industry. Back in 2011, after the US announced that it’s going to pull its military out of Baghdad, Aegis Defence Services is one of the PMCs that take over security operations.  From 2011 onwards, the company broadens its recruitment and start hiring staff from several African countries. In October 2015, Aegis Defence Services was taken over by GardaWorld.

  • DynCorp

First started as an aviation company, DynCorp now offers security services to many countries like Bolivia, Angola, Haiti, Kuwait, Kosovo,… The protection of Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan from 2001 to 2014, is provided by DynCorp International during the interim period. In addition to that, the fledgling police forces of Iraq and Afghanistan receive much-needed training from DynCorp as well. The company also received a lot of contracts to maintain vehicle and establish supports for military camps around the globe.  Since the 1990s, DynCorp is involved in planning contingency operations.

  • Erinys International

Headquartered in Dubai (UAE), Erinys International is a British PMC that primarily deals with the security of personnel and assess. Erinys International has subsidiaries and associated companies in the UK, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Iraq…  The word “Erinys” in the name of the company refers to the avenging deities in Greek religion that stand at the entrance of the Underworld. In 2003, the company landed a contract involves recruiting and training an Oil Protection Force (OPF) for Iraq Ministry Of Oil. The agreement ended in 2004 with around 16,000 Iraqi personnel guarding 282 locations.

  • Triple Canopy, Inc

Founded in 2003 by U.S. Army Special Forces veterans, Triple Canopy, Inc offers security, mission support and risk management services to governments, corporations, nonprofit clients,… Key members of the company choose the name “Triple Canopy” as a way to remember the layered canopies in the jungles whether they receive training. In the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq, Triple Canopy is known for guarding headquarters and associated facilities of Coalition Provisional Authority throughout the country.

Frequently Asked Question About PMCs

  • Is working for PMCs illegal?

Introduced back in 2001, the United Nations Mercenary Convention explicitly forbids the recruitment, training, use, and financing of mercenaries and it has been ratified by 35 states. As many actions of PMC operators resemble activities carried out by mercenaries, it’s slightly tricky to tell them apart. Some people claim that the United Nations Mercenary Convention only cover mercenaries in post-colonial Africa and it fails to address the issue of PMCs. In any case, to make a living as a PMC operator means low levels of legal protection compared to soldiers.    

  • How does it feel to be an operator in PMCs?

By all accounts, a normal PMC operator tends to receive far lower attention than active members of the armed forces. If you are serving in militaries, you always have an army to support and relieve you in times of need. On the other hand, if you are working for PMCs, such assistance are not available. That is why companies in the industry prefer to hire former soldiers than untested civilians. Thanks to their accumulated experience, most veterans at least know what to do and how to react in stressful situations. Therefore, if you expect a high level of comfort while working as PMC operator, you are up for a surprise.

  • Should I make my résumé more appealing by taking training courses and gain certificates?

Well, there is no such thing as training standards in the PMC industry and so showing some papers is unlikely to increase your employment prospect. Unless the certificates you get come from high tier security companies, they are not going to work in your favor. That being said, if you want to take training courses, take them from the company that also offer work opportunities. Specific PMCs recruit from their training programs and that means if you got lucky, you might be able to impress someone enough to hire you. Besides that, don’t bother joining in programs that offer marginal improvements to your skill.  

Important Note:

The above should cover anything you need to know about how to get in a PMC without having military experience. Nonetheless, if you wish to enhance your odd, it’s recommended that you consider joining the military for some time (Army, Navy and Air Force). You don’t necessarily have to be a Tier 1 soldier, simply try to learn your way around so you could put in your résumé. During the application process, you might have to compete with people that have similar skills to you and military experience would be the decisive factor.

In addition to the military, you could sign up in other government services to get licenses such as Security Clearance. Some PMCs hire applicants just because they have the right licenses in their résumé. Because of that, spending a few years in the police, military and so on is going to increase your chance of getting the desired post.

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