A quick review of the SOG Seal Pup vs. Seal Pup Elite

From biking to hiking, there will be times when a good knife can really come in handy. For such outdoor activities, a cutting tool could assist you in a variety of tasks. While knifes with a foldable blade is compact and light, durability and simplicity of fixed blade ones are worth considering. When you want something that got a bit of strength, fixed blade knife will not disappoint you. So if you are looking for a good product in this category, this article could be of use to you. You will be provided with a comparison between two excellent knifes: SOG Seal Pup vs. Seal Pup Elite

Both the Seal Pup and the Seal Pup Elite are products of SOG Specialty Knives, a well-known brand for quality and robust knifes. Their reproduction and development of the original Vietnam War – era SOG knifes have become quite popular around. One of the company famous products is the Seal 2000 which is employed by the United States SEAL force. The SEAL 2000 then become the basis of the Seal Pup and the Seal Pup Elite. Now, let take a closer look at features and specifications of these great knifes.

Sizes and dimension

SOG Seal Pup

  • The overall length: 9 Inches
  • The blade length: 4.75 Inches
  • The blade thickness: 0.19 Inches
  • The knife weight: 5.40 Ounces
  • The type of spine: Straight
  • The type of edge: Partly Serrated

SOG Seal Pup Elite

  • The overall length: 9.5 Inches
  • The blade length: 4.85 Inches
  • The blade thickness: 0.19 Inches
  • The knife weight: 5.40 Ounces
  • The type of spine: Rasp
  • The type of edge: Straight

Base on the figures above, you may see that the Seal Pup Elite is slightly longer than the Seal Pup. Several design features between the two are also not the same. As a result, the Seal Pup Elite is more suitable for heavy-duty tasks and long – hour works. It possesses respectable power when you use it for splitting, chopping or batoning. But if you only need a knife for the general usages, the Seal Pup would be sufficient in most case. It is a lightweight knife that should perform adequately in the average situations.

Handle construction

Utilizing glass reinforced nylon, the Seal Pup handle provides you with a tough and nicely fit holding. With a thump ramp and grooves for other fingers, you will have a solid and stable grip all the times. The overall size of the handle is just right so you can hold it tightly in your hand. Both sides of the handle are well textured for increased friction and prevent slipping due to moisture or sweat. Since the material doesn’t retain heat or cold, you can use the knife comfortable in any level of temperature, indoor or outdoor.

The Seal Pup Elite handle is made from glass reinforced Zytel with finger grooves. It’s an ergonomic design that reduces the hand fatigue when you have to use the knife for a long period of time. The extensive textured scales ensure smooth, non – slippery working experiences even the knife get wet. However, should you hand is on the larger size, it may be a bit uncomfortable to hold.  It did have a finger choil to better control the knife though and is longer than the Seal Pup handle though. Each of the handle grooves is deep so you can conveniently warp your finger around it without an issue.


The Seal Pup blade is a sturdy construction with a sharp edge that can offer admirable performance. It’s powder – coated so resistances against corrosion and abrasion are quite substantial. The use of quality steel means that it will serve you well for years to come as the premium utility knife. It doesn’t work as well as a survival knife though since it is best used for light duty tasks. The serration on the blade spine can be quite troublesome at certain cases. If you apply too much force and choke up on the blade, your index finger may end up with a nasty scratch.

Thanks to the advanced heat treated process and metallurgy, the Seal Pup Elite blade integrity and edge retention are great.  Its sharpness is excellent so with just a small amount of pressure is enough to result in a cleaned and smooth cut. The titanium nitride coating should make sure that rust and wearing will never trouble you too much. That is why the Seal Pup Elite is a good choice for a survival knife. Extend exposure to the weather and nature elements should have little effects on the knife operation.


For a sheath, the Seal Pup knife can either use the usual nylon sheath or an optional Kydex one. Both work great but the nylon sheath comes with the knife so you don’t have to waste extras money. It’s well built and strengthens with plastic between layers to give the sheath a rigid and straight body. With an assortment of attaching points on the back, you can put it on wherever you want. The retention strap is a snap and Velcro design so you can be sure that the knife will stay secure inside the sheath until when you need it.

Same as the Seal Pup, the Seal Pup Elite also use a nylon sheath. It extra compartments means that besides the knife, you can also carry a shaping stone and a fire starter. This really increases the knife versatility in outdoor environments. Or if you like a solid container, you can always switch to the Kydex sheath. Any of these sheaths feature multiple ways to attach them to the pant belt or anywhere you desire. A sheath is a good way to safely carry the knife so go with whatever type of sheath you want. They work wonderfully at their jobs.


And that should be most of the basic point, rather easy to take in, right? To say that a knife is good to use or not, you have to depend on your own needs and requirements. Each of the knifes is unique with own pros and cons. So if you are considering getting a SOG knife, a comparison between SOG Seal Pup vs. Seal Pup Elite can help you make up your mind. Crosscheck the knife characteristic to your preferences and then you can make a wise and informed purchase.

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